WFP’s Innovation Stability And Peace Accelerator Programme 2024( Up to US$30,000 Grant) | Apply Now

The CGIAR and the WFP Innovation Accelerator are joining forces to introduce the Stability-and-Peace Accelerator Programme, which aims to identify and expand impactful innovations that strengthen food, land, and water systems (FLWS) in vulnerable regions.

WFP's Innovation Stability And Peace Accelerator Programme

They are inviting innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers to submit groundbreaking solutions that can promote resilience, ensure food and nutrition security, improve climate adaptability, and foster social harmony and sustainability in communities affected by conflict and fragility.

Program Details

The WFP Innovation Accelerator and CGIAR will assist chosen teams through a comprehensive program intended to fast-track the progress of promising solutions and get them ready for expansion.

In addition to financial, technical, and business support, they also offer scientific advisory services to enhance the innovator’s capacity to make a sustainable and transformative impact. Their primary goal is to identify and foster solutions that are both innovative and have the potential for long-term positive change in some of the most difficult environments worldwide.


  • A six-month acceleration program that includes business-focused training, mentorship, and science-based technical support from the WFP Innovation Accelerator
  • Access to the research network of CGIAR, the largest publicly funded organization for research-for-development
  • In-country strategy workshop to initiate implementation
  • A $30,000 grant without the need to give up equity for each winning innovation with a demonstrated sustainable business model and scaling plan
  • Opportunities to connect with national and international funders
  • Continued support after the acceleration program.

Eligibility criteria

  • Your organization must be a legally established entity (for-profit, non-profit, social enterprise, NGO, or INGO).
  • Your organization should have an existing presence in one of the four implementation countries (Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, or Yemen) or be willing to establish a presence through a country office, subsidiary, long-term operations, or partnerships.
  • Your innovation must address one or more priority areas related to critical challenges in the humanitarian sector of the implementation country.
  • Your innovation should have reached the minimum viable product stage and be preparing for scalability.
  • Your innovation should have a clear plan for scaling and a potential implementation strategy within the six-month Sprint period using available funding.
  • Applicants are expected to express a strong intention to collaborate with relevant humanitarian stakeholders, establish relationships with CGIAR country offices, and engage with innovation ecosystems.
  • Applicants should demonstrate a clear need for research and development for both the conceptual and commercial advancement of their innovation.

Evaluation criteria

Your application will be evaluated according to the following :

Level of innovation: The solution demonstrates originality, creativity, and significant social impact within the specified themes.

  • Context relevance: The solution addresses key priority areas, aligns with the four country contexts, and offers practical benefits to end-users or beneficiaries.
  • Sustainability and scalability: The solution presents a viable business model and sustainable revenue strategy.
  • Team quality: The team exhibits proven expertise, technical coherence, dedication, motivation, entrepreneurial spirit, and diversity and inclusivity.
  • Clearly defined needs: The solution identifies areas for expansion or enhancement, which can be addressed through venture and capacity building, as well as research and development efforts.

Application Procedure

To apply, kindly fill out the Application Form by 11:59 pm (CET) on 16 February 2024.

For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or visit the official website of WFP.

Application Deadline

February 16, 2024.

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