YouTube is Currently Taking Global Action Against Ad Blockers

By displaying notifications about violating the platform’s terms of service, YouTube is currently taking global action against the use of ad blockers. The company is occasionally prohibiting users from watching additional videos unless they turn off ad blocking.

YouTube is Currently Taking Global Action Against Ad Blockers

YouTube is Currently Taking Global Action Against Ad Blockers

As a result, this video streaming platform began testing in June, informing users that if they didn’t disable their ad blocker, the video player would be blocked after three videos. The Verge was informed by the company that YouTube has initiated a global effort requesting users to either allow advertisements or purchase a YouTube Premium subscription.

Prior to that, Android authorities reported that a number of users had complained about seeing warnings about using ad blockers in various formats on the YouTube subreddit. While YouTube is taking action against ad-blockers, there are multiple advertisements about ad-blockers on the platform, as Redditors have noted.

In addition, this video streaming service began testing longer but fewer commercials for long form content in September after bringing 30 second unskippable ads to TVs in May.



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