You Can Now Watch NBA Games On Your Peloton Bike

You can now watch NBA games on your Peloton bike. The exercise bike-making company is set to partner up with the NBA. And in this post, I will be guiding you on how to stream NBA League Pass on your Peloton and also what you should be expecting for NBA and WNBA-themed exercise classes.

Watch NBA Games On Peloton Bike

Watch NBA Games On Peloton Bike

Exercise bike company Peloton, which is well-known for its streamed fitness classes, just announced a new partnership with the National Basketball Association as well as the Women’s National Basketball Association for the upcoming NBA season. Users of Peloton will now have access to NBA-influenced classes, and those on the other hand who also have a subscription to NBA League Pass will now be able to stream games on the attached screen all the while they are working out.

The company as you should know is also the very first to launch content from NBA Fitness, which in question will now be part of the NBA app. According to a press release by Peloton, this new development will dip into the catalogue of fitness experts of the League and will also include content from “experts in strength and conditioning, basketball skills, recovery, nutrition, and mental wellness.”

These classes in question will be very much similar to the NBA-centered classes such as NBA Finals Full Body Strength and Two for One Cycling classes that have already been offered by Peloton. Peloton has stated that new ones will be added throughout the NBA season.

How to Watch the NBA on A Peloton Bike

In order to watch NBA games on Peloton, you will be needing to be a Peloton member with the (most expensive) All-Access subscription which is valued at $44 per month. You will also need a subscription to NBA League Pass, which is the premium subscription service of the NBA, which begins at $15 per month, or $100 per season.

NBA League Pass streaming as you should also know will be made possible via the new Entertainment hub of Peloton, which the company has stated will also launch during the upcoming 2023-2024 basketball season. The new Entertainment section on the other hand will be available on compatible tablets on Peloton’s machines, and this is including the Bike and Bike Plus, the Tread and Tread Plus as well as the Row.



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