NBA Warns Fans of a Possible Data Breach

NBA warns fans of a possible data breach as their data may have been hacked. Names and email addresses of fans according to the NBA were stolen.

NBA Warns Fans of a Possible Data Breach

NBA Warns Fans of a Possible Data Breach

Fans of basketball that are interested in getting their regular and usual email updates from the NBA may just have had some of their personal data stolen, the governing body has now confirmed.

The NBA has now sent out a “Notice of cybersecurity incident” to an “unknown number” of fans, the BleepingComputer reports.

The organization in the body said that many of the fans who were signed up for email marketing services like newsletters may have had their emails and names taken by a threat factor that is unknown at this moment. The data in question was kept by a third-party newsletter service which is tasked with sending both news and email notifications.

The NBA’s Notice to Affected Fans

“We recently became aware that an unauthorized third party gained access to, and obtained a copy of, your name and email address, which was held by a third-party service provider that helps us communicate via email with fans who have shared this information with the NBA,” the NBA stated.

The organization added that other forms of data remain secure: “There is no indication that our systems, your username, password, or any other information you have shared with us have been impacted.”

The shared information simply suggests that it was clearly a supply-chain attack, but the NBA however did not state who the targeted third party is or the medium in which it was breached.

It however did warn its users that whoever was behind the attack can now use it in phishing and identity theft attacks:

“Given the nature of the information, there may be a heightened risk of you receiving ‘phishing’ emails from email accounts appearing to be affiliated with the NBA, or of being targeted by other so-called ‘social engineering’ attacks (where an individual seeks to trick the target into sharing confidential information or otherwise taking actions contrary to his or her own interest,” the NBA stated.

Fans Are Urged To Take Extra Steps to Be On the Safer Side of Things

The organization ended the update simply by saying that the NBA will never ask its fans for any type of account information.

The body however added that to be on the safe side fans are urged to be on the safe side whenever they are getting an email that looks like it’s not from the NBA. And they can do this by making sure that the email was sent from a @NBA address, and that any links shared in the email point directly to a trusted and genuine website. Lastly, fans are advised to not open any email attachments in any situation that they were not expecting to get.



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