Xbox Game Pass Kicks off May 2022 with Sports and Indies Games

Xbox Game Pass Kicks off May 2022 with Sports and Indies Games which is great for sports-loving fans. Xbox has just announced a list of titles heading to the game pass this month, May 2022. And this comes with some interesting gems for you to take a peek at, which includes “NBA 2K22.” At the moment, there are two games available, with seven more to be released throughout the month.

Xbox Game Pass Kicks off May 2022 with Sports and Indies Games

Several titles have also gotten game updates or DLC content, and the three games would get goodies available to Subscribers of Xbox for free. Unfortunately, bundled with the exciting news of new arrivals, Microsoft slipped in the information that seven games would be leaving the library very soon, including some fan favorites like the iconic “grand theft Auto: San Andreas.”

Xbox Game Pass For May 2022

Despite the grim news of the seven titles leaving the platform in May, there are more to get excited about, with sports games and indie titles set to release shortly. “NBA 2K22” probably is one of the largest titles that Xbox wants its subscribers hyped about, and it is available at the moment. The games emulate real NBA and WNBA environments and it is essentially the FIFA of basketball, with authentic players and teams for you to select during while you are playing. Players are allowed to build the career that they want to follow from the beginning to the end.

Another title available at the moment is “loot River,” a procedurally generated dungeon crawler. The graphics of the game offer a bit of a throwback to the days of old, also the make for a fresh take on the pixelated-graphics genre. In “Loot River,” you should be able to explore vast dungeons, fight monsters, level up, and try and try again until the rare piece of loot makes it right into your hands.

Other Games Coming to the Xbox Game Pass in May

Trek to Yomi

Just within a couple of days, on may 5, 2022 you would be able to play “trek to Yomi.” This is a story-driven samurai game that takes after the life of a young swordsman given the name Hiroki. Set in black and white, the game still delivers some great visuals and a classic tale fight force of evils, even though it was set in black and white. “Trek to Yomi” would be available via cloud gaming, on the Xbox console, and on PC.

Citizen Sleeper

Another interesting title set to release on the 5th of May is “Citizen Sleeper,” a space-based narrative RPG that explores living and surviving in adystopian, futuristic, sci-fi-like metropolis.

May 10 Titles

Three more titles would be entering the platform on the 10 of May including the sequel “Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition,” “Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising,” and “This War of Mine: Final Cut.” The former came as part of a successful franchise and the follow-up to the original “Danganronpa.”

First released in 2010, the franchise established itself in the narrative novel video game genre, and the sequel seems to follow in its footsteps. “Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising” also it is a part of a much larger franchise set in the same world as “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.” The game brings together snappy combat with dialogue and various elements of an action-adventure RPG. Lastly, “this war of Mine: Final cut” is a remaster of a game that exists already and sees the player try to survive in a besieged city.

NHL 22

The game schedules to launch on the 12 of May is another interesting sports title that goes by the name: “NHL 22.” If basketball is not your thing, two weeks after the release of “NBA 2K22,” you should be able to indulge in the ultimate hockey experience through EA play. The title is expected to offer a realistic hockey simulation, with various visual upgrades and superstar players to select from.

Games Leaving the Pass

The good thing here is that news continues to host through new DLCs and game updates. “Age of Empires II” will receive a new “Dynasties of India” DLC, but it is not going to be free through the Xbox Game Pass members would receive an up to 10% discount on purchasing the update.

“Halo Infinite” receives an update to Season 2 including new modes, themes, and events. “Stellaris” brings the list to an end with access to the latest patch 3.0 and Nemesis Expansion, bringing with it some gameplay and economic changes. While this patch comes for free, the expansion only gets a 10% discount with the Xbox Membership.

Now several games would be leaving the Game pass library, and you only have a few more days to play them if you want to. Now is also the right chance that you have to purchase them if any discounts are applicable, as once bought, the game will remain playable.

Leaving the pass on May 10 is the classic “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” After that, on the 15, “Enter the Gungeon,” “Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster,” Remnant: From the Ashes,” “Steep,” “The catch: Carp and Coarse,” and lastly, “The wild at heart.” Although it is quite shameful that some games would be leaving, there are tons of new titles set to arrive for you to enjoy.

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