India Has Acquired 100 Patents for 6G Technology According To Reports

India has acquired 100 patents for 6G technology according to reports. The country and region in the area of 5G is also making huge and important strides.

India Has Acquired 100 Patents for 6G Technology According To Reports

India Has Acquired 100 Patents for 6G Technology According To Reports

Ashwini Vaishnaw and the IT Telecom Minister of India on March 16 awarded indicia scientists, academia, engineers, and technicians with 100 patents in 6G technology at the Bharat startup summit that was organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce. And according to her remarks at the event, the country is making important strides with 5G technology and its rapid rollout of new networks all over the globe sets it apart.

Vaishnaw also noted that electronics is a very complex and intricate field, “Electronics is very complex, but despite the complexity, our scientists, engineers, and academicians have together acquired 100 patents in 6G.”

The minister also noted that 5G network coverage so far has surpassed its original goal of 200 cities by March 31, 2023, with set coverage now spanning 397 towns.

The minister noted that India has grown to $3.5 trillion and could well become the most significant economy in the world if it manages to transform its infrastructure business practices as well as its governance practices.

Ashwini Vaishnaw Statements at the Bharat Startup Summit

“When a country or economy has to reach this level, then thousands of systems are required to be changed. Governance systems, logistics systems, banking systems, and change in the own business method. This is the time when everyone should get on this transformation journey. If we are able to do this transformation, then there is no power that can stop India from becoming a USD 30 trillion economy,” Vaishna stated, noting that inside could be a $30 trillion economy if the nation is able to transform itself.

The minister also revealed during the event that 99 percent of mobile phones manufactured in India were imported ten years prior to the event.

“I remember when we used to sit in on any discussion 10 years ago. It was said mobile penetration is good. People are using it, but it cannot be made. Congress thought the process was like this. Now, a big change has come that we can make it,” Vaishnaw stated.

He noted that the region also has started to export telecom products to America.

“Export of radio equipment has started from India in the last 7-8 months and that too to America,” vaishnaw stated.

India’s Ocean Economy

Union Minister Jitendra Singh meanwhile has highlighted the exploring businesses surrounding the ocean economy.

“A whole lot of wealth is lying there-minerals, metals, living, non-living resources. You will become a world exporter of fisheries and fish food,” he stated.



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