Cheaper New Entry-Level Apple Pencil Gets USB-C and Cuts off Some Features

The cheaper new entry-level Apple Pencil gets USB-C and cuts off some features such as pressure sensitivity. The new Apple Pencil is reportedly missing out on some of the features of the second-gen model, but it however comes at a more affordable price tag.

Cheaper New Entry-Level Apple Pencil USB-C

Cheaper New Entry-Level Apple Pencil USB-C

Apple just recently announced a new version of the Apple Pencil on Tuesday that makes use of USB-C to charge and then pair with compatible iPads. The product in question costs $79 (£79, AU$139) and will reportedly be available in early November, alongside the $99 first-generation Apple Pencil and the $129 second-generation Apple Pencil.

The new Apple Pencil as you should know is a more budget-friendly choice for those who are not willing to break the bank or spend $99 or more on the other models of Apple. And while Apple has said that it offers the same low latency and tilt sensitivity as the second-generation Apple Pencil, that lower price tag it carries simply means that it does not have all of the attributes of the $129 Apple Pencil.

Features the New Apple Pencils Lack

For instance, the product in question lacks the more expensive pressure sensitivity of the model, wireless pairing and charging, as well as double-tap gestures for switching between tools. You also will not have the option for a free engraving to effectively personalize the new Apple Pencil.

However, the product does support the hover gesture that allows you to preview markups on the iPad Pro and can attach to compatible iPads magnetically, thus making it a step up from the first-generation Pencil in a couple of ways. But it is however worth noting that the first-gen Apple Pencil is pressure-sensitive, unlike the USB-C version on the other hand.

Features and Specs of the New and Cheaper Entry-Level Apple Pencils

The new $79 Apple Pencil for those that don’t know is compatible with iPad models that have a USB-C port, like the 10th-generation iPad, the fourth- and fifth-generation iPad Air, the 11-inch iPad Pro, the sixth-gen iPad Mini as well as the third-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro and later.

Apple’s Vast Adaptation of USB-C

The announcement in question from the company comes as Apple has reportedly embraced the USB-C standard vastly in its product lineup with the reported introduction of the iPhone 15 models, which makes use of a USB-C port for charging instead of the Lightning charger of Apple for the very first time.

The product in question also falls in line with the approach of Apple in recent years with its iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch product lineup, simply by offering budget, middle-tier as well as premium choices and options for those products. The arrival of the new Apple Pencil simply suggests that it is doing the same for accessories.



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