Celebrating Africa’s Essence: XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest Invites Proposals

The XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest is currently accepting proposals, inviting photographers to capture the beauty, diversity, and essence of Africa through their unique perspectives.

XIV "Africa Objective" Photo Contest Invites Proposals
XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest Invites Proposals

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this exciting competition, covering deadlines, benefits, eligibility criteria, submission requirements, and tips for successful participation.


Photographers interested in joining the XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest must submit their proposals by [insert deadline]. Adhering to this deadline is crucial to ensure consideration for this esteemed competition.


The XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest welcomes photographers from around the globe to capture Africa’s vibrant essence through their lenses. This prestigious competition provides a platform for participants to showcase the continent’s beauty, diversity, and cultural richness while competing for recognition and prizes. With an emphasis on fostering appreciation and understanding of Africa’s heritage, the contest urges photographers to submit their creative proposals, showcasing Africa’s unique perspectives and narratives. Through this contest, photographers have the opportunity to contribute to the celebration of Africa’s essence and its story, reaching audiences worldwide.


The objective of the XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest is to celebrate and showcase the beauty, diversity, and essence of Africa through the art of photography. By providing a platform for photographers to share their unique perspectives and narratives, the contest aims to promote appreciation and understanding of African culture, landscapes, and people.

Eligible Participants

  • The contest encourages professional photographers, hobbyists, and emerging artists to submit their proposals.
  • There are no age restrictions, making the competition accessible to photographers of all ages.
  • Participants should have a passion for photography and a desire to capture Africa’s beauty, diversity, and cultural richness through their artistic lens.
  • Whether seasoned professionals or emerging talents, all photographers interested in celebrating Africa’s essence are encouraged to participate.


Selected participants stand to gain various benefits, including:

  • Exposure:

Winning the valuable exposure.

  • Recognition:

Wiries will be showcased in exhibitions, publications, and online platforms, providing photographers witnners will be acknowledgement for their work, and boosting their reputation and credibility within the photography community.

  • Prizes:

Cash prizes and other awards will be granted to the top submissions, offering financial support and incentives for participants.

  • Networking:

Participants will have the chance to connect with fellow photographers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and growth.


The XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest welcomes photographers of all skill levels, backgrounds, and nationalities. However, specific eligibility criteria may apply, such as:

  • Participants must be of legal age to enter the contest.
  • Submissions must adhere to the theme of capturing the essence of Africa.
  • Participants may need to provide proof of originality and ownership of their submitted works.


Certain submissions may be deemed ineligible for the XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest, including:

  • Entries that do not comply with the contest’s theme or guidelines.
  • Submissions that infringe upon the rights of others, including copyright violations.
  • Works that have been previously published or awarded in other competitions.

Eligible Countries

  • Photographers from any country can enter the XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest.
  • Nationality or country of residence doesn’t limit participation, allowing photographers from diverse backgrounds to showcase their perspectives on Africa’s essence.

Application Process

Applying for the XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest is simple and open to photographers worldwide, ensuring everyone can join in celebrating Africa’s essence. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the application process:

  • Visit the Official Website:

Begin by going to the official website of the XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest. Visit https://www.casafrica.es/es/evento/xiv-concurso-fotografico-objetivo-africa-biodiversidad-en-africa.

  • Review Submission Guidelines:

Carefully read the submission guidelines provided on the website to ensure your proposal fits the contest’s theme and criteria.

  • Prepare Your Proposal:

Choose your best photographs that capture Africa’s essence. Consider the contest’s theme and aim to showcase the continent’s beauty, diversity, and cultural richness through your lens.

  • Submit Your Proposal:

Once your proposal is ready, head to the designated submission portal on the contest website. Follow the provided instructions to upload your photographs and accompanying documentation.

  • Confirmation and Acknowledgment:

After submitting your proposal, you’ll receive a confirmation of receipt from the contest organizers.

Documentation Requirements

To submit a proposal, participants may need to provide the following documentation:

  • A brief biography or artist statement highlighting their background, inspiration, and approach to photography.
  • High-quality images of the proposed photo series or project, accompanied by captions or descriptions for each photograph.
  • Any additional materials or supporting documents requested by the contest organizers.

Tips for Successful Participation

Here are some tips to enhance the chances of success in the Contest:

  • Understand the Theme:

Ensure that submissions align with the contest’s theme of capturing the essence of Africa.

  • Showcase Diversity:

Capture the diverse landscapes, cultures, and people of Africa to create a compelling narrative.

  • Focus on Creativity:

Experiment with different techniques, perspectives, and styles to produce unique and captivating images.

  • Tell a Story:

Use photographs to convey a story or evoke emotions, enabling viewers to connect with the work on a deeper level.

  • Review Guidelines:

Thoroughly read and follow the contest guidelines and submission requirements to avoid disqualification.

In Conclusion:

The XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest presents photographers worldwide with a special chance to exhibit Africa’s beauty, diversity, and essence through their photography. Participants can gain exposure, recognition, prizes, and networking opportunities, enabling them to have a significant influence on the photography community while highlighting Africa’s cultural richness and landscapes. By following the guidelines, submitting imaginative proposals, and showcasing their unique viewpoints, photographers can play a role in fostering appreciation and comprehension of Africa’s dynamic heritage. Seize this opportunity to capture Africa’s essence and become part of the Contest today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest?

The contest is open to photographers worldwide who are passionate about capturing the essence of Africa through their lens.

What are the benefits of participating in the contest?

Participants have the opportunity to gain exposure, recognition, prizes, and networking opportunities, among other benefits.

How do I submit my proposal for the contest?

To submit a proposal, visit the official website of the XIV “Africa Objective” Photo Contest and follow the provided instructions for submission.



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