Funding for Craft and Design Projects in Denmark and Abroad | Apply Now!

Craft and design projects play a vital role in shaping cultural and artistic landscapes. This guide is designed for individuals and organizations seeking funding for such initiatives, offering essential information on deadlines, benefits, eligibility criteria, ineligibility, the application process, documentation requirements, and tips for a successful application.

Funding for Craft and Design Projects in Denmark and Abroad
Funding for Craft and Design Projects in Denmark and Abroad


Knowing the submission deadline is crucial for potential applicants(11 March 2024). Stay informed about the specified timeline to apply for funding for craft and design projects in Denmark and abroad. Timely submissions are essential, as late entries may not be considered.

Funding Amount

If you receive a grant of:

For amounts of DKK 100,000 or less, we will disburse the funds as closely as possible to the start date you’ve indicated for your expense period. Consequently, please align the project’s start date with when your initial expenses for the project are due.

For amounts exceeding DKK 100,000 with a project period surpassing six months, disbursements will be made in instalments.


Engaging in Crafting Opportunities: Funding for Craft and Design Projects in Denmark and Abroad brings forth numerous advantages:

  • Financial Support:

Successful applicants have the chance to obtain valuable financial assistance, providing the necessary resources to bring their craft and design projects to life.

  • Global Exposure:

Funding for international projects opens avenues to a global audience, enabling artists and creators to present their work on an international stage.

  • Cultural Exchange:

Projects abroad actively contribute to cultural exchange, nurturing collaboration and understanding through artistic expression. This creates opportunities for artists to interact with diverse perspectives and influences.

  • Artistic Development:

The funding actively supports artistic development by empowering creators to explore innovative ideas and push the boundaries of craft and design.

  • Professional Recognition:

Successful projects achieve recognition within the artistic community, elevating the profile of individuals and organizations involved in craft and design.

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective applicants should carefully review the eligibility criteria, including:

  • Artistic Focus:

Align your project with the artistic objectives and priorities outlined by the funding program.

  • Applicant Type:

Whether individuals, artisans, or organizations, eligibility criteria may vary. Ensure alignment with the specified applicant requirements.

  • Project Relevance:

Demonstrate the relevance of craft and design projects to the program’s artistic focus, contributing meaningfully to the field.

  • Budgetary Details:

Provide a clear and comprehensive budget, outlining how funds will be utilized for the craft and design project.

  • Project Period:

Ensure your project period aligns with the guidelines provided by the funding program.


Understanding factors that may render an application ineligible is crucial:

  • Incomplete Submissions:

Failure to provide necessary information or documentation may render an application ineligible.

  • Non-Compliance:

Projects that do not comply with the guidelines or ethical standards may face disqualification.

  • Plagiarism:

Submissions containing plagiarized content are likely to be disqualified.

  • Out-of-Scope Projects:

Proposals falling outside the defined scope of the funding program may be considered ineligible.

  • Lack of Alignment:

Projects that do not align with the artistic objectives, priorities, or relevance criteria outlined by the funding program may face ineligibility.

Eligible Countries

The Danish Arts Foundation is available for Danish citizens and people living abroad to apply.

How to Apply

To apply for funding for craft and design projects, follow these general steps:

  • Visit the Official Website:

Access the official website dedicated to the funding program for detailed information, guidelines, and application forms.

  • Review Guidelines:

Thoroughly read the program guidelines to understand requirements, expectations, and any thematic focus areas.

  • Prepare Documentation:

Assemble the required documentation, including a project proposal, details about the artistic approach, and any supporting materials.

  • Complete Application Form:

Fill out the application form as per the provided instructions, providing accurate and comprehensive information.

  • Submit Application:

Follow the prescribed submission process outlined in the program guidelines. Be mindful of the submission deadline.

Documentation Requirements

To apply for Crafting Opportunities: Funding for Craft and Design Projects in Denmark and Abroad, follow these steps:

  • Project Description:

Clearly outline the goals, artistic vision, and expected outcomes of your craft and design project.

  • Applicant Details:

Provide information about yourself or your organization, including relevant background and qualifications.

  • Budgetary Details (if applicable):

Include a comprehensive budget with a clear breakdown of expenses, funding sources, and how funds will be utilized.

  • Alignment with Artistic Objectives:

Demonstrate how your project aligns with the artistic objectives and priorities outlined by the funding program.

  • Project Relevance:

Showcase the relevance of your craft and design project to the program’s artistic focus, highlighting its meaningful contribution to the field.

Tips for Successful Application

Increase your chances of success with these strategic tips:

  • Artistic Alignment:

Ensure your project aligns with the artistic objectives and priorities outlined by the funding program.

  • Clarity and Detail:

Clearly articulate your project proposal, providing detailed information about the artistic concept, execution plan, and expected impact.

  • Budget Transparency:

Clearly outline how the funds will be utilized, demonstrating transparency and responsible financial planning.


Funding for craft and design projects in Denmark and abroad provides a unique opportunity for artists and creators to bring their visions to life. By adhering to deadlines, understanding eligibility criteria, and crafting compelling applications, individuals and organizations can access financial support to contribute to the rich tapestry of global artistic expression. For specific details, refer to the official website overseeing the particular call for funding applications.

Frequently asked questions

Can international applicants apply for funding for projects in Denmark?

The eligibility of international applicants may be addressed in the guidelines. Check for specific information on geographic eligibility.

Is there a feedback mechanism for unsuccessful applications?

Guidelines may provide information on feedback for unsuccessful applications. Review this section to understand the program’s feedback processes.

Are collaborative projects encouraged, and how are partnerships viewed?

Collaborations may be encouraged. If applicable, provide relevant details about partnerships and collaborations as outlined in the guidelines.



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