Expanding Production of Independent Content Project (Hungary) | Apply Now!

The Expanding Production of Independent Content Project in Hungary invites proposals from individuals and organizations eager to contribute to the thriving landscape of independent content creation.

Expanding Production of Independent Content Project (Hungary)
Expanding Production of Independent Content Project (Hungary)

This article details essential aspects of this call, covering the deadline, benefits, eligibility criteria, ineligibility factors, the application process, documentation requirements, and tips for a successful application.

Theme and topics

Internews seeks media projects and story series addressing nationwide and local issues in Hungary. They encourage projects extending beyond Budapest, considering local stories if the theme resonates with audiences beyond the specific region.

Media projects and stories should engage diverse audiences or tackle issues relevant to underserved communities, including but not limited to young people, smaller communities, minorities, and those not regularly reached by mainstream independent media outlets practising credible, fact-based reporting.

Stories for or about niche audiences, like minorities, should prominently feature or convey the specific audience’s voice.

Ideally, individual pieces within a project/series should share both a common theme and format. However, projects tied by only a common format or theme will be considered if they demonstrate innovation and the potential to fill essential information gaps (e.g., explainers covering a broad range of issues).

What They Are Looking For

They aim to back series demonstrating innovation in their approach to topics and perspectives, utilizing (audio)visual storytelling tools to effectively reach a broad audience.

The series ought to explore one or more interconnected stories concerning public interest topics in Hungary and the human narratives that mirror them. Multimedia content may encompass photography, video, animation, subtitled video, diverse infographics (ranging from graphs to maps to inventive data visualizations), graphics, drawings, audio clips, interactivity, or even a game.


Submit your proposals by [10 March 2024]. Adhering to this timeline is crucial for your proposal to undergo review.

Funding Amount

Internews plans to award four (4) grants, each providing selected applicants with financial support in the form of cost-reimbursable subgrants to produce relevant content, with each grant amounting to up to USD $10,000 per applicant.

You can access additional funding of up to USD $1,000 for content marketing to enhance the reach and impact of the content produced in the project. Ensure to include this in the budget.


Participating in the Call for Proposals (CFPs): Expanding Production of Independent Content Projects in Hungary provides several benefits:

  • Financial Support:

Successful applicants receive funding to bring their independent content projects to life, fostering creativity and innovation.

  • Exposure and Networking:

Participants connect with the vibrant Hungarian creative community, creating opportunities for collaboration and networking.

  • Community Engagement:

Contributing to the independent content landscape enables individuals and organizations to actively interact with and enrich the local creative community.

  • Diversity and Inclusion:

The project prioritizes supporting diverse voices and innovative projects, promoting inclusivity and representation in the independent content sector.

  • Professional Development:

Participation in the project offers individuals and entities the chance to enhance their professional skills, broaden their experience, and contribute to the growth of the independent content industry in Hungary.

Who Can Apply

Media entities, freelance journalists, and digital content creators operating in Hungary for over a year can apply concrete proposals for a series of stories or a media project.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Expanding Production of Independent Content Project, applicants must:

  • Residency:

Those in need of the offer must reside in Hungary or represent legal entities based in Hungary.

  • Clear Plan:

Applicants should demonstrate a clear and feasible plan for producing independent content.

  • Commitment to Diversity:

Applicants must showcase a commitment to diversity and inclusion in their projects.


  • Non-compliance:

Backers who do not adhere to submission guidelines may be considered ineligible.

  • Viability:

Proposals lacking a clear and viable project plan may not receive consideration.

  • Misalignment:

Endorsers not aligning with the project’s objectives and themes may be ineligible for consideration.

How to Apply

To apply for the Call for Proposals (CFPs): Expanding Production of Independent Content Project in Hungary, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Official Website:

Go to the project’s official website, which you can access through the call announcement or relevant platforms promoting the call.https://internews.org/palyazati-felhivas-epic-project-2/

  • Review Guidelines:

Read the guidelines provided on the official website thoroughly. Note the eligibility criteria, submission requirements, and any specific themes or objectives outlined for the proposals.

  • Complete Application Form:

If there is an online application form on the official website, fill it out with accurate and complete information. Make sure to address all required fields.

  • Submit Application:

Follow the submission instructions on the official website. This may involve uploading your documentation through the online platform or sending it via email.

  • Double-check:

Review your application to ensure it complies with the guidelines and includes all required documents.

Documentation Requirements

Applicants typically must submit the following documentation:

  • Project Proposal:

Clearly outline your project, including its objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes.

  • Budget:

Provide a detailed budget outlining how funds will be utilized.

  • CV/Resume:

Highlight relevant experience and qualifications.

  • Work Samples:

Include samples of previous work or a portfolio, if applicable.

Tips for a Successful Application

  • Thoroughly Review Guidelines:

Ensure your proposal aligns with specified requirements.

  • Clear Project Vision:

Articulate your project’s vision, goals, and expected impact.

  • Realistic Budgeting:

Develop a transparent budget aligned with your project’s scope.

  • Highlight Relevant Experience:

Showcase qualifications relevant to the project.

  • Proofread:

Avoid errors by thoroughly proofreading your proposal before submission.


The Expanding Production of Independent Content Project in Hungary offers a valuable opportunity for individuals and entities passionate about contributing to the independent content landscape. By carefully following guidelines, submitting a well-crafted proposal, and meeting all requirements, applicants enhance their chances of being part of this exciting initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for proposal submissions?

You must submit your proposal before (march 10 2024)to be considered.

Can one applicant submit multiple proposals?

Review the guidelines; some calls may allow multiple submissions, while others may have restrictions.

Is collaboration encouraged, and how does it impact the application process?

Refer to the guidelines; they typically specify whether collaborative projects are accepted and outline additional requirements.

How will I receive notification of my proposal’s status?

Proposal status notifications are usually sent through the contact information provided during the submission process.

Are there any word count or length restrictions for proposals?

Check the guidelines for any specified word count or length requirements for your project proposal.



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