World Temperance Day – Activities to Engage in to Celebrate World Temperance Day

World Temperance Day is celebrated every October 3rd to encourage people to drink less alcohol or give up on alcohol. The day is set aside to promote moderation and abstinence from alcohol while at the same time creating awareness of the impact of alcohol on the health and society at large.

World Temperance Day
World Temperance Day

It is celebrated to raise awareness about the dangers involved in the intake of excessive alcohol consumption. The day is also dedicated to honoring the positive impact of those who fought against alcohol abuse and the addictions involved.

History of World Temperance Day

The history of World Temperance Day goes back to the 19th century because alcohol has been in existence for a very long time. In the 19th century, the temperance movement gained momentum in the United States and also in Europe.

The temperance movement was also known as the prohibition movement, they emerged as a result of the problems in society which arose as a result of the intake of excessive alcohol. Their objective was to promote moderation and if possible, abstain from alcohol as a means to have a good society void of societal ills.

They wished to improve public health, reduce poverty, and crime, and promote moral and social reform for the upcoming generation. The first World Temperance Day was celebrated on October 3, 2021. The day was chosen because it coincided with the birthday of the most influential advocate for temperance by the name of Carrie Nation.

Carrie Nation was well known for her effort to stop the intake of alcohol through her actions and advocacy. Over the years, World Temperance Day continued to be celebrated while awareness was continually created about the dangers involved in the abuse of alcohol.

They carried out several activities during the day celebration such as educational campaigns and public lectures. The celebration and advocacy made a significant impact on public opinion on alcohol consumption which led to the restriction on the availability and sale of alcohol for underage.

It went through lots of criticism and faced several oppositions from several quarters but the advocacy’s impact on the society could not be denied and World Temperance Day continued to thrive.

Activities to Engage in to Celebrate World Temperance Day

World Temperance Day is usually celebrated with some activities that help raise awareness of the day and why it is celebrated, below are some of the activities to engage in on World Temperance Day:

  • Educational campaigns: you can organize educational campaigns to raise awareness of World Temperance Day and what it entails.
  • Public Lectures: you can organize public lectures to people around you, most importantly, youths to raise awareness about alcohol and the effect of its abuse on our health and social life.
  • Health fairs: you can organize health fairs to provide health information and the consequences of excessive drinking.
  • Workshops: you can organize workshops to provide information on excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Seminars: you can organize seminars to educate individuals on the risk of alcohol abuse and why responsible or no drinking habits should be cultivated.
  • Provide support: you can find those already struggling with alcohol addiction and provide support in terms of resources and other means.
  • Share on social media: you can create awareness by sharing fliers on your social media pages


Who Founded World Temperance Day?

World Temperance Day began as a movement that advocated for moderation and abstinence from alcohol and there wasn’t exactly a specific founder. Over the years the movement continued and individuals continued to come together to promote responsible drinking and fight against the abuse of alcohol abuse.

The movement provided an opportunity for individuals in different communities to work together to achieve a cause such as a healthier environment and safer environment constituted by responsible drinking. The movement was however led by Carrie Nation who was a strong advocate and played a significant role in the fight.

Why Was October 3 Chosen to Celebrate World Temperance Day?

October 3 was not chosen based on any historical or specific impact. The date was chosen to be used as World Temperance Day because the lead advocate for World Temperance Day was born on October 3rd.

Her birthday was chosen because of the significant impact she made in the fight against alcohol abuse, she was extreme in her effort to combat alcohol abuse.

Why is World Temperance Day Advocating for People to Quit Drinking?

They advocate for individuals to quit drinking to promote a better society, there are several benefits below are some of them:

  • Alcohol hurts the physical health of excessive drinkers
  • Alcohol can lead to memory loss which affects mental clarity
  • Alcohol is expensive and once addicted it becomes an everyday expense that affects finances
  • Alcohol strains relationships of drinkers such as family and friends
  • Alcohol tampers with co-ordination and judgment which can lead to accidents and other risky behaviors



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