World Snake Day – Reasons to Celebrate World Snake Day

The world snake day is usually observed on the 16th of July every year. This day is dedicated to creating awareness about snakes and celebrating snakes. On this day, people are also educated about the different types of snakes, how they contribute to the ecosystem, and the issues they face like habitat loss and wrong public perception. World Snake Day also emphasizes the status of snakes in controlling pests and how they contribute to medical research and biodiversity.

World Snake Day

World Snake Day

Just like all other animals on the planet today, snakes also play a vital role in the ecosystem, hence we need to save them. Therefore, World Snake Day is a day for all conservationists, educators, and wildlife enthusiasts to inform everyone about snake conservation and disperse common myths and fears about this creature. People get to learn more about these reptiles and respect them despite them being venomous or non-venomous.

How to Celebrate World Snake Day

To celebrate snakes on the stated date, you can;

  • Watch a movie or a documentary about snakes.
  • Create awareness about the difference between venomous snakes and those which are non-venomous.
  • Be a host of an art class.
  • Visit a zoo close to you.

Reasons to Celebrate World Snake Day

What are the reasons why we need to observe World Snake Day? here are some of the reasons.

  • To know the importance of snakes in our ecosystem.
  • To help fix the mindset of people towards snakes.
  • To help promote the preservation and conservation of snakes.

Activities on World Snake Day

Some of the activities that can be carried out on World Snake Day are educational events at zoos, wildlife parks, and nature centers. Social media campaigns, and community outreach programs can also be observed to raise awareness about snake preservation and their importance to the ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a World Snake Day?

Yes, there is a World Snake Day. it is celebrated every year on the 16th of July. On this day, people all over the world come together to celebrate this animal that is often misunderstood and underappreciated.

When will World Snake Day be observed in 2024?

World Snake Day will be observed on Tuesday, the 16th of July, 2024. On this day, awareness will be created of the importance of snakes in our environment.

Why was World Snake Day created?

World Snake Day was created to enlighten people about snakes and their different species and also how they contribute to the world at large.

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