World Ballet Day – How to Celebrate World Ballet Day

World Ballet Day, an annual celebration since 2014, is a unique collaboration among major ballet companies worldwide. The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in London, serves as the lead co-producer of this event.

World Ballet Day

World Ballet Day

Participating companies stream live videos showcasing their behind-the-scenes preparations, allowing a global audience to witness the meticulous efforts that go into ballet performances.

This event, observed in October, features companies like The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, the San Francisco Ballet, and the Royal Swedish Ballet. The date for World Ballet Day has varied since its inception, but the essence of the celebration remains the same each year: to bring the enchanting world of ballet to a broader audience and highlight the art form’s beauty and discipline​.

History of World Ballet Day

World Ballet Day, a global celebration of ballet, was inaugurated in 2014 as a unique collaboration among the world’s foremost ballet companies. It was devised as a day for these companies to open their doors, virtually, allowing ballet enthusiasts worldwide to glimpse the rigorous, often unseen, daily routines of professional dancers.

The event, typically held in October, was spearheaded by the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London, in partnership with major companies like The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, and San Francisco Ballet.

The initiative aimed to democratize the viewing experience of ballet, making it accessible to a broader audience beyond the confines of theatres. It represented a significant step in bringing the art form into the digital age, connecting people across different time zones and cultures through the universal language of dance​.

How to Celebrate World Ballet Day

Celebrating its 10th anniversary on November 1, World Ballet Day has evolved into a much-anticipated event for ballet enthusiasts worldwide. Hosted by The Royal Ballet, The Australian Ballet, and San Francisco Ballet, the day features over 60 participating companies from various continents. The event offers an insider view of ballet classes, rehearsals, and performance previews through livestreams, allowing viewers to appreciate the rigorous training and artistry involved in ballet.

World Ballet Day not only provides a platform for showcasing the talent and dedication of dancers but also serves as a testament to the unifying power of dance, transcending geographical and cultural barriers. The day invites ballet lovers and newcomers alike to immerse themselves in the world of dance, celebrating the enduring allure and transformative power of ballet​​​​​.


What and When is World Ballet Day?

In addition to celebrating dance, World Ballet Day offers viewers an opportunity to witness premier ballet companies in action in a way they may not have previously had the opportunity.

What date is National Ballet Day?

February 7th

When was the first World Ballet Day?

2014 saw the inaugural World Ballet Day LIVE. A behind-the-scenes look at five of the top ballet companies in the world was made possible by the historic partnership between The Australian Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, and the San Francisco Ballet.

What country is known for ballet?

Although France had a significant role in the development of ballet, other nations and cultures quickly embraced the discipline, most notably Russia. There is a well-established ballet tradition in Russia, and Russian ballet has always played a significant role in the nation.

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