Why Are Flights Cancelled – What Can You Do When Your Flights Cancelled?

Have you ever been all set to jet off on your dream vacation, only to find out your flight is cancelled? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But here is the truth, for all the time why your flight was cancelled, it was done for your good, I will tell you why.

Why Are Flights Cancelled
Why Are Flights Cancelled

Airlines don’t just cancel flights because they can. Neither do they cancel them to punish passengers, flights are cancelled to protect passengers. I know that sounds weird considering the frustration they put you through each time they cancel your flight but they do it for your sake.

Why Are Flights Cancelled

Most of the time, flights are cancelled when the airline confirms that it is unsafe to travel maybe due to weather mechanical faults on the plane, or other issues that can pose a huge risk. There are many reasons why flights are cancelled and below are some of the most common ones.

Weather challenges

One of the most common reasons for flight cancellations is bad weather. Imagine trying to land a plane in thick fog or during a thunderstorm – it’s not safe. Airlines prioritize passenger safety above all. If weather conditions make flying hazardous, flights will be cancelled or delayed until it’s safe to take off.

For instance, a flight from New York to London might be cancelled due to a severe snowstorm blanketing both cities, making takeoff and landing treacherous.

You see, as a passenger, anytime your flight is cancelled due to weather, it shows how much the airline cares about you.

Mechanical issues

Just like cars, planes can have technical issues, even humans do have issues. Airlines have strict maintenance schedules, but sometimes unexpected problems pop up, that’s what life is. If there’s a mechanical issue that can’t be fixed right away, your flight will be cancelled. This ensures that you’re not flying in a plane that isn’t 100% operational.

For example, if the engineers notice that there is an engine malfunction during the pre-flight checks, the flight will be cancelled.

Crew conundrums

Pilots and flight attendants have rules about how many hours they can work in a day to prevent fatigue. If a flight crew is approaching their maximum work hours and no replacements are available, the flight will be cancelled till replacements are available.

You are right if you blame the airline for cancelling your flight because of this reason (because you expect them not to run out of replacement). But they are only making sure that everyone onboard (people responsible for your safety) is in their best condition to fly- they are well-rested and alert.

Air traffic troubles

Airports can get busy, especially major hubs. Sometimes, air traffic control needs to limit the number of planes taking off and landing to maintain order in the skies. If there’s too much traffic and not enough space, flights might be delayed or cancelled.

Operational Hassles

There are various operational reasons a flight might be cancelled. This could range from political unrest in a destination country to airport strikes. These situations are beyond the control of the airline and impact flight schedules.

For instance, your flight will be cancelled if there is political unrest in the destination country, making it unsafe for travellers to land.

What Can You Do When Your Flights Cancelled?

  • Stay informed: Flight cancellations can happen any time so the best you can do is to keep an eye on your flight status. Airlines usually send notifications if there are changes. So make sure your contact information is up to date when booking your ticket.
  • Be flexible: If you have the option, try to be flexible with your travel dates. Flying during less busy times can reduce the chances of your flight being cancelled or delayed.
  • Have a backup plan: If your flight is cancelled, airlines will usually try to put you on the next available flight. However, it’s wise to have a backup plan. Especially if you have connecting flights or important events waiting at your destination.
  • Travel insurance: You can consider getting travel insurance. While it might not prevent your flight from being cancelled. It can certainly help cover costs associated with unexpected changes to your travel plans.

We understand how frustrating flight cancellation can be but if a flight is cancelled. It is usually in the best interest of the passengers. Airlines don’t cancel flights to punish the passengers. They do so to protect their passengers, do not forget that your safety is important to the airline.



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