Which Companies Sponsor International Students in UK

Studying in the UK is a dream come true for many international students, it offers you a chance to gain a world-class education in an amazing country. However, the financial aspect can be a significant hurdle, not many students who wish to study in the UK can afford the fees to study in the country.

Which companies Sponsor international Students in UK

Fortunately, there are several companies and organizations in and outside the United Kingdom that offer sponsorship opportunities to international students. You can take advantage of this sponsorship to study in the UK without worrying about the financial burden.

Below are companies and organizations you can look towards to get sponsorship to study in the UK.

Which companies sponsor international students in the UK?

British Council

The British Council is a well-established cultural and educational organization and they offer a range of scholarships and funding opportunities for international students coming to study in the UK.

They have various programs that favor different countries and fields of study. If you are in the medical field, there is a program for you, and so on. To check available programs, visit the British Council website and search for scholarships relevant to your field.

Private Companies and Foundations

Beyond government organizations and educational institutions, some private companies and foundations also provide financial support to international students who want to study in the UK. To get these opportunities, you need to research them and bear in mind that most of them are industry-specific or tied to particular regions.

So, you need to tailor your application to match their values and objectives, demonstrating how your studies align with their mission. To stand more chance, focus on identifying potential sponsors in your field of study. Some examples of such companies include BP, Shell, and the Gates Cambridge Trust.

Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening sponsorship programs are funded by the UK government and they are open to students from various countries.

The majority of their programs cover tuition fees, living costs, and other expenses, and this is why it’s an attractive option for you if you are an ambitious international student. To apply, visit the Chevening website and check the eligibility criteria for your country.

Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth sponsorships awards are available to students from Commonwealth countries. To qualify for their sponsorship, you must be from a Commonwealth member nation and possess the required qualifications.

Their scholarships cover your tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs. If you are a citizen of a Commonwealth nation, this is a fantastic opportunity to pursue your studies in the UK. You can check the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission website for more details about their sponsorship.

Fulbright Commission

If you are looking for study sponsorship in the UK, the Fulbright Commission might just be the right one for you. They’re all about supporting students who want to study abroad – whether you’re a US citizen eyeing the UK or a UK citizen dreaming of the US.

To get started with the Fulbright Commission, head to their website, you’ll find all the details about how to apply, what these scholarships cover, and most importantly, when you need to get your application in.

UK Universities and Colleges

Many universities and colleges in the UK offer their own scholarships and other form of financial aid packages to international students. The sponsorship ranges from partial tuition waivers to full scholarships. Each institution has its terms and the number of sponsorships they offer.

Popular institutions like the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London often have generous sponsorship opportunities.

Professional organizations

Depending on your field of study or career goals, many professional organizations related to your industry offer sponsorship that can help you fund your education.

For example, if you are pursuing a degree in engineering, organizations like the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) have funding options for you, you can reach out and find more information about their eligible requirements.

Professional organizations

This depends on your field of study, in some fields of study, you will find many niche organizations that offer funding opportunities that you can take advantage of to study in the UK.

Most of the time, you need to demonstrate your commitment to your field and show how your studies will contribute to its advancement before you will be considered for sponsorship. If you want to discover more sponsorship opportunities like this, you can network with professionals in your field, who can help you discover these opportunities.


Can a company sponsor me to study in the UK?

Yes, a company can sponsor you to study in the UK.

What are the requirements for obtaining sponsorship?

The specific requirements for obtaining sponsorship from a company differ from one company to another but generally, you need to have a clear educational goal that aligns with the company’s interests and demonstrate your potential to contribute to the company’s objectives.


There are many companies and organizations that sponsor international students to study in the UK. You need to tailor your search and application to your field of study to get their sponsorship.

It’s competitive to win a sponsorship so you need to stand out to be considered. You can start your search by visiting each company’s website, understand the requirements for each sponsorship, and follow their application guide properly.

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