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Are you interested in How to Secure a Chevening Scholarship? The Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious international scholarship program offered by the UK government to outstanding individuals from around the world. It provides the opportunity for talented individuals to study in the United Kingdom and develop their leadership skills.

How to Secure a Chevening Scholarship

In this article, we will explore the Chevening Scholarship UK 2023, including how to secure the scholarship, eligibility criteria, host universities, the value of the scholarship, how to choose a course, and tips for the Chevening essay question.

Chevening Scholarship UK 2023

Individuals who demonstrate leadership potential and a strong academic background, are often the preferred Candidates for the Chevening Scholarship in the UK. To be eligible for the scholarship, candidates must meet specific criteria related to their work experience, educational qualifications, and English language proficiency.

The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition fees, and living expenses, and provides additional allowances for travel and other expenses. The host universities for the Chevening Scholarship are spread across the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of courses and disciplines.

How to Secure a Chevening Scholarship

Research and choose a course:

Explore the available courses at the host universities and find the one that aligns with your career goals and interests.

Consider the reputation of the university and the relevance of the course to your future plans.

Understand the application process:

Familiarize yourself with the application timeline, requirements, and deadlines.

Gather all the necessary documents, including academic transcripts, reference letters, and a valid English language test score.

Prepare for the Chevening essay question:

Carefully analyze the essay prompt and understand the key themes or questions.

Structure your essay effectively, with a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and a compelling conclusion.

Highlight your achievements, leadership experience, and the impact you intend to make in your field of study.

Tips for Writing the Chevening Essay Question

Understand the essay prompt:

  • Break down the essay question and identify the main points or themes it covers.
  • Make sure you address all aspects of the question in your essay.
  • Structure your essay effectively:
  • Start with a captivating introduction that grabs the reader’s attention and provides a brief overview of your background.
  • Use clear and concise paragraphs to support your main points.
  • End your essay with a powerful conclusion that summarizes your key arguments and leaves a lasting impression.

Showcase your leadership and networking skills:

  • Showcase your leadership and networking skills:
  • Highlight any past experiences where you have taken initiative, shown resilience, or made a positive impact in your community or workplace.
  • Emphasize your ability to build networks and foster meaningful connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Finalizing Your Chevening Scholarship Application

Submitting a strong application:

  • Make a careful review of your application to ensure all required documents and information are included.
  • Check and correct grammatical or spelling errors if any are found
  • Seek feedback from mentors or professors to strengthen your application.

Preparing for the interview stage:

  • Once your application is approved, an interview session will be organized for you. Endeavor to prepare by researching common interview questions and practicing your responses.
  • Demonstrate confidence during the interview.
  • Showcase your passion for your chosen field of study and your potential to contribute to the UK and your home country.

Applying for Chevening Scholarship 2023 in the UK

The process of applying for the Chevening Scholarship in the UK involves a brief Process:

  • Search for University and Course: To Search for Courses, use a course browser which is found on the official page:
  • Proceed to sign up for Chevening Scholarship: This is the stage where you create an account. To access the online application, click this link:
  • Applications must be submitted before the specified deadline.

Host Universities

UK-based universities for Chevening scholarships

Duration of the scholarship:

1 year

Degree Level:

Master’s Degree Program

Application Deadline

Chevening scholarship applications are usually open each year around September and close in November

Chevening Scholarship Value:

  • Tuition fee wavier
  • Economy class return tickets
  • Arrival allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Reimbursement for the visa application fee.
  • Departure allowance
  • A £75 for TB testing reimbursement
  • Provision of monthly stipend which covers living and accommodation expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Prospective Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s Degree before applying.
  • He/She must be a citizen of one of the Chevening eligible countries or territories
  • The Scholarship requires applicants to have 2 years of work experience (minimum)
  • The English Language requirement must be fulfilled by the Applicants


Securing a Chevening Scholarship is a highly competitive process, but with the right approach and preparation, you can increase your chances of success. Researching and choosing a course that aligns with your goals, understanding the application process, and preparing for the essay question are vital steps.

Additionally, emphasizing your leadership and networking skills, submitting a strong application, and preparing for the interview stage will help you stand out. Remember, the Chevening Scholarship offers a unique opportunity to enhance your academic and professional journey while becoming part of a global network of leaders.

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