What Is Moderation Assist for Facebook Pages

What is moderation assist for Facebook pages? Do you have any idea? In this post, the term moderation assist will be shared and explained. All you have to do is to read the content of this post to get it.

What Is Moderation Assist for Facebook Pages

But before I go any further in this post, this article only applies to people who manage pages on Facebook in the new page’s experience. And as for now, the new pages experience is not yet available for all pages yet.

What Is Moderation Assist for Facebook Pages

Moderation assists for pages on Facebook is a new tool in the new page’s experience that allows and helps admins of pages to manage comments on their page. for example, with the moderation assist you can hide all new comments automatically that have links or images. Also, you can review comments that are hidden in your moderation assist activity log in order to determine if you want them to be visible.

Moderation Assist Criteria

What are the criteria for moderation assist? Using this tool, you can create criteria to hide comments based on the person that is making a comment or the comment itself. You can hide comments on your page if the person commenting;

  • Does not have a profile picture
  • Does not have any friends or followers on the profile
  • Has a new Facebook account that is less than a week old

You can also hide comments if they have;

  • Any link
  • A link to a specific website
  • An image within
  • A video footage
  • And custom keywords

Variations of a keyword also trigger the criteria. For instance, if you add tree as a keyword criteria, moderation assist hides comments with TREE, t.r.e.e, #tree, and even tree. You should also note that moderation assists only hide comments that are made after you create a criterion and also only hides comments on your page and not on any ads that you may run on the platform.

How to Add Criteria Using Moderation Assist For Facebook Pages

To add criteria, follow the steps below;

  • Go to Facebook and go to your page.
  • Click on the professional dashboard in the left menu from your page’s feed. You may have to click on see more first to see this.
  • Next, click on moderation assist in the left menu and select add next to the hide incoming comment if section.
  • Choose criteria for the author or comment.
  • Lastly, click on apply criteria.

After adding criteria, all new comments on your page that match it will be hidden. And you can also add as many criteria as you wish. However, comments that you make on your page are not affected by the moderation assist and will always be visible.

How to Edit or Delete Criteria

To delete or edit criteria, follow the steps below;

  • Go to your page and from your page feed click on the professional dashboard in the left-hand menu. You may be prompted to click on seem ore first to see the professional dashboard option.
  • Next, click on moderation assists in the left menu and select the three-dotted icon next to the criteria, and tap on delete criteria or edit criteria.

That’s it.

How to Review Hidden Comments

To review hidden comments;

  • Click on the professional dashboard option from your page feed in the left menu. You may however need to click on see more first.
  • Next, select moderation assist in the left menu ad click on the activity log.
  • Click on see details for the very comment that you want to review.

The details of the comment will reveal the criteria met for hiding the comment. Click on undo to allow a hidden comment to appear on your page. You can also click on edit criteria when viewing the details to change the criteria that hid the comment.


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