What is HO-6 Insurance – How Does HO-6 Insurance Work?

As an insurance policyholder, you might be wondering “what is HO-6 insurance”? Well, HO-6 insurance is a homeowners insurance policy that is designed to cover condominiums and co-op units. Also known as Condo Insurance, HO-6 insurance complements the master association insurance policy.

What is HO-6 Insurance
What is HO-6 Insurance

Unlike typical homeowners’ insurance, the HO-6 insurance policy protects the units of your property. This includes the interior units of your house. As a condominium or co-op homeowner, this insurance policy might just be the best one for you. Read further to know more about the HO-6 insurance policy.

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What is HO-6 Insurance

As a condo or co-op unit owner, when damage occurs within the units of your home, the condo association is not responsible to cover the loss. This simply means that you will pay for the cost of repairs and renovations when your possessions are affected during a peril.

However, when you take HO-6 insurance, the policy insures your units, personal belongings, personal liability incurred, loss of use, and lots more. Hence, HO-6 insurance protects your home and property from bad things that might occur to them.

What Does HO-6 Insurance Policy Cover?

If you have a home under normal circumstances, you will want all areas within and outside the home including the shared areas to be insured. The reason is that it will save you a lot of money when a risk occurs.

Well, if you take HO-6 insurance for your condominium, you will be insured when damages occur to the roof, ceiling, outer walls, the personal properties found in them, and lots more. Below is a detailed highlight of the coverage an HO-6 insurance policy offers:

  • Building/dwelling: This includes the cost of damages arising from smoke, fire, burglary, storms, and lots more.
  • Personal property: HO-6 insurance policy covers your personal belongings. This includes your furniture, clothing,
  • Loss of use: when your house is affected by peril and rendered inhabitable, the HO-6 insurance policy covers the cost of lodging in another residence. Therefore, it covers the cost of additional living expenses.
  • Loss assessment coverage: the HO-6 insurance policy covers additional expenses that a normal condo association would not.
  • Personal liability: If you accidentally cause harm to others or damage a person’s property and are sued in court, the HO-6 insurance policy covers the legal expenses incurred.
  • Medical payment for a person injured in your home: HO-6 insurance covers the cost of medical bills when a guest is accidentally injured on your property.

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What Does HO-6 Insurance Policy Not Cover?

Although the HO-6 insurance policy covers a lot, there are certain perils that the policy might not cover. Some of them are stated below:

  • Some perils such as earthquakes, sinkholes, and nuclear hazards might not be covered by the HO-6 insurance policy. Hence, you might be required to take an additional policy to protect your condo from such occurrences.
  • Intentional injuries to others.
  • Damages to your condo could have been avoided.
  • Lastly, some HO-6 policies do not cover flood damages.

How Much Does HO-6 Insurance Cost?

The cost of taking an HO-6 insurance policy depends on so many factors. The company you want to purchase the policy is the first. This means that different insurance companies can give you the HO-6 insurance policy coverage at different price rates. However, some factors that can be considered are:

  • Your deductible
  • The age of the building
  • The location of the building
  • The current amount of coverage you need

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Is HO-6 Insurance Required?

In most cases, mortgage lenders require you to take this policy when you want to purchase a condominium. As earlier stated in this article, the HO-6 insurance policy covers the units of your property that a typical homeowners insurance policy would not.

Therefore, you get a lot of insurance coverage. This makes you feel secure knowing that you have sufficient financial and legal protection for your house. Therefore, the necessity of this policy.

One way to know if this policy will benefit you is to calculate if you can pay for the cost of damages when they occur. When you put all the coverage the HO-6 policy offers you, you might want to take the policy.

How Does HO-6 Insurance Work?

In terms of the way an insurance policy works, the HO-6 insurance policy works in the same way as other homeowners’ policies. On the declaration page of the HO-6 policy, your coverage and deductible will be stated. Also, you will pay premiums to your insurance company annually.

When damage occurs to your property, you are required to file a claim. Thereafter, your insurance company will review the claim and pay the amount agreed upon before the purchase of the insurance policy. Similar to other homeowners’ policies, you will pay also pay out-of-pocket deductibles

HO-6 Insurance vs Ho-3 Insurance

Both HO-6 and H0-3 insurance policies are designed to cover property. However, both policies are not for the same homeowners. HO-6 insurance policy is specifically for condominiums and co-op units. Meanwhile, HO-3 insurance policies are for standard building structures.

Although there are similarities in the coverage both policies offer, unlike HO-6, HO-3 coverage includes protection for the exterior of your home. Condo insurance does not. Additionally, when you take the HO-3 policy for your home, in the event of a loss, your insurance company compensates you based on the actual cash value of your home.

Meanwhile, in the case of HO-6, you will be compensated based on the replacement cost value of your condo. Hence both policies operate in different ways to an extent.

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What is the Rule of Thumb for Condo Insurance?

If you want to take an insurance policy to cover your home, you need a policy that will give your house sufficient coverage. The rule of thumb for condo insurance is made to ensure that you estimate the actual replacement value of the building.

This enables you to get the full cost of rebuilding your condo in the event of a disaster. The rule of thumb for condo insurance ensures that you have the most of your money.

Do You Need Homeowners Insurance for a Condo?

Yes, you still need a homeowners insurance policy for your condo. This is because condo insurance only covers the interior units of your home. The exterior areas such as elevators, garages, and others might be excluded. Hence, you still need a homeowner’s insurance policy to cover these common areas.

Can You Take an HO-6 Policy for Townhouse?

If you reside in a townhouse that shares common structures and these structures are already covered by an association or policy, you can take the HO-6 policy for the interior of your house. However, if you are responsible to protect the exterior of the house, you can consider taking the normal homeowners’ policy.

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Best Homeowners Insurance for Condos

Are you in need of an insurance company to cover your condo? Below are some of the best condo insurance providers:


Lemonade provides insurance coverage for condos in addition to the other insurance coverages it offers. It might be a good choice for condo insurance coverage if you need one that will enable you to maximize coverage. Furthermore, you might also save some money on premiums from these insurance providers.

State Farm

State Farm offers a lot of options when it comes to condo insurance. This includes personal injury protection, water, home systems protection, and lots more. upon the request of a quote, an agent will be given to you to determine your coverage. Furthermore, on the website, you can find resources to estimate the coverage limits available to you.


Allstate insurance company is one of the best insurance providers in the US. Their condo insurance coverage includes loss assessment and features an add-on option that prevents your annual premiums from rising. Also, might get National Flood Insurance Program through your local Allstate agent.

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Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual insurance providers offer a lot of discount options on homeowners insurance coverage. Hence, you might be able to save money when you take this insurance policy.

Their services are always available, so you can reach out to them at any time to file when you take a condo policy. In addition, the company is available in so many locations, hence you might likely not face difficulty caused by locations when you want to get a policy.



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