What Happens When an Insurance Claim is Made Against You

What Happens When an Insurance Claim is Made Against You? It is important to know this when someone else makes a claim against you after an accident has occurred.

What Happens When an Insurance Claim is Made Against You

In this article, you will discover what you need to know about this topic and what you need to do. So, keep on reading.

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What Happens When an Insurance Claim is Made Against You

When someone files a claim against you, you will be contacted by your insurer to confirm if the accident was your fault. If you agree to be the at-fault driver, your insurer will take charge of the claim process and represent you.

Your insurance company will also be responsible for paying the compensation fee on your behalf.  As you read on, you will discover how to know if someone has filed a claim against you and lots more.

What Does it Mean When a Claim Is Filed Against You?

When someone makes a claim against you, it simply means that the person is asking you to pay for damages that you caused to them during an accident.

When there is a case of an auto crash, the other driver is entitled to file a claim against you if you are at fault. It is called a Third-Party claim because the individual is coming between you and your insurer.

The person is asking for compensation to cover damages, losses, medical bills and other pains caused in relation to the incident. It is the duty of your insurer to cover the compensation.

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How to Dispute Auto Insurance Claim

Sometimes, a false claim may be filed against you and with this, you need to prove that you are innocent. On the other hand, you may feel that you and the driver are both at fault.

Whatever your case may be, you can prove that you are innocent and this is what disputing a claim means. Some procedures to follow when you want to dispute include:

  • When you are alerted by your Insurer that claims have been filed against you, you have to disagree that it’s your fault.
  • Fill out the dispute form provided by your insurance company.
  • The next step is to get the right evidence to prove it’s not your fault. This may include pictures of the accident scene, CCTV footage etc.

Although different insurance companies may have different procedures, this is the general procedure for disputing a claim. Most insurers are willing to help you dispute a claim because it saves them money.

But if you and your Insurer do not agree after providing evidence, you can involve a professional insurance lawyer.

Disputing an Insurance Claim 

The success of your dispute depends mainly on the evidence you are able to provide. Sometimes, you may be able to prove that you are totally not at fault.

In other cases, the dispute will end in your insurer and the third party’s insurer splitting the compensation. The evidence you need to provide to strongly back up your dispute includes:

  • Pictures of the damped vehicle and the accident scene.
  • Police reports.
  • CCTV footage if available.
  • Testimonies from witnesses.
  • Medical bills.
  • Pictures of injury and damages to property.

These are some of the evidence you can use to back up your dispute. If it turns out successfully, your insurer will have no need to pay the compensation.

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Will my Premium Rates Go Up if Someone Files a Claim Against me?

This is a good question to ask when someone has made a claim against you. Your premium rates may go up and this depends on the extent to which you are at fault.

If you are not at fault your premium rates may or may not be increased. If you are totally at fault, your premium rates will definitely be increased.



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