Nintendo switch PSA is Warning Players Not to Play in The Heat

Nintendo Switch PSA is warning players not to play in the heat. It seems Nintendo is agreeing with everyone at the moment as it is very hot outside. It is so hot right now that it seems right to tweet out a PSA in order to dissuade owners of Nintendo switch from taking their consoles outside.

Nintendo switch PSA is Warning Players Not to Play in The Heat

Nintendo switch PSA is Warning Players Not to Play in The Heat

The portability of the Nintendo switch prides itself on cool and relaxing outdoor gaming sessions but with the increasing summer heat wave as it envelopes the world, the gaming company is urging gamers to put a pause on the notion.

Nintendo tweeted out a PSA through its official Japanese account and it translates as follows; “Playing a Nintendo Switch in a high-temperature area can cause the temperature of the console to rise. Please use the console in areas between 5 – 35°C (41 – 95°F). Additionally, blocking the air intake and exhaust vents can cause the console to heat up. Please allow for good ventilation around these vents.”

The PSA Is Not Just for Nintendo’s Japanese Audience Alone

Although, the PSA sent out by Nintendo might be intended for its audience in Japan, it is, however, a warning that owners of Switch all over the world would not want to joke with. Really hot temperatures all over the world are making the general public at the moment suffer.

The temperatures in New York at the moment are expected to get up to 940F (340C) in the coming week. In London, the story is still very much similar where it is even getting as hot as 970F (360C). In Tokyo too, high temperatures have been recorded which was most likely the case that caused Nintendo to issue the warning to start with.

Why You Should Adhere to Nintendo’s Warning

Damage to your Nintendo switch consoles is not necessarily guaranteed in hot weather, but it can, however, affect the internal components of your console negatively. However, and most positively, your switch console will turn itself off in the event that the heat gets too much to handle. But it is a best practice to not allow your console to get to that point.


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