Reports Claim That Windows 12 Could Arrive As Soon As 2024

Reports claim that windows 12 could arrive as soon as 2024. Tech Company Microsoft may be planning on introducing the new versions of the operating system (OS) every three years.

Reports Claims That Windows 12 Could Arrive As Soon As 2024

Reports Claim That Windows 12 Could Arrive As Soon As 2024

Microsoft is taking huge steps in regards to changes with windows as it plans to switch to a new plan of introducing a fresh incarnation of the desktop operating system in the space of every three years with more regular and smaller feature updates in-between.

The rumor of the move to a new engineering schedule is being fueled by Zac Bowden of Windows Central who is a well-known connected person at Microsoft and also in the past has offered reliable leakages.

Windows to Adopt a Three-Year Cycle OS Release Pattern

As mentioned in this post, the main theory of what will be happening in the not-too-far future is that windows will have a three-year release cycle. And putting it that windows 11 was introduced in 2021, this means that an all-new windows operating system, possibly windows 12 or maybe something different entirely will be arriving in 2024. Following this date, another version then will pitch up in 2021 and so goes on the cycle unless the tech company Microsoft changes its mind.

Microsoft Will Introduce Small Updates Every Few Months

Of course, the tech company will be doing everything in its power to not return to the not-so-good days of having to wait patiently for new features to arrive with a whole introduction of windows. With that being said, the current version will continually be updated with new functionality all through any given year.

Instead of the regular big annual feature update, the company will reveal smaller feature updates every few months even up to four of them as per Bowden.

When Will the New Development Take Effect?

As from next year, the new situation will be coming into play. Therefore we will be getting access to the windows 11 22H2 update nicknamed Sun Valley 2 in the later parts of this year. And of course, Sun Valley 3 apparently has been scrapped. And in 2023, we expect more compact features to be rolled out quarterly and referred to as moments.


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