What are the Best Apple Airpods to Use in 2022

What are the Best Apple Airpods to Use in 2022? Are you confused about which AirPods to use this year, then I’ll advise you to read this article to the very end? When creating this list, a team of experts had t try out these air pods from the Apple stores. This list of Apple AirPods was classified based on different features and criteria.

What are the Best Apple Airpods to Use in 2022

What are the Best Apple Airpods to Use in 2022

It’s hard to beat the Apple headphones. These AirPods offer excellent audio quality, plus superb noise cancellation. The AirPods in this list is the best to be released by Apple. However, that doesn’t mean that choosing a pair of AirPods is very easy. With AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, standard AirPods, and older AirPods models all on the market, it can be hard to determine which AirPods are the best headphones for you. Our best advice, in this case, is to identify your needs and the particular headphones that could supply those needs.

AirPods pricing 2022

To make the choice easier for you the price list for the various AirPods has been compiled in a table below. Check it out below.

ModelApple Store priceBest price right nowBest all-time price
AirPods 2$129$100$89
AirPods Pro 2021$249$175$169
AirPods 3$179$169$169
Beats Fit Pro$200$180$175
AirPods Max$549$449$429


This list will help you work well with your budget for an airport. Please note that these is just the current price statistics, this could change anytime in the future.

Airpods Pro

Although these AirPods were released in the year 2019, Apple’s AirPods Pro remain the top true-wireless earbuds, they have a very comfortable fit, a decent sound, Active Noise Cancellation, and a very compelling feature set, which includes Apple’s spatial audio virtual surround feature. The transparency mode of this allows you to hear the world around you during wear, which is also the gold standard. The Apple AirPods Pro is truly the best wireless earbuds and is excellent for making calls.

Beats Fit Pro

The newest Beats headphones are not really AirPods, but very except for lacking a case with wireless charging and MagSafe compatibility. The Beats fits Pro pretty much packs most of the features found on the AirPods Pro in a much sportier design and are available in different color options. You should definitely check these out before considering the AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro at almost the same price.

Airpods 2021

The  2021 AirPods deliver better sound quality than their predecessors while maintaining a very good and open design. It is slightly larger and shaped more like the AirPods. These AirPods should be a better fit for more people’s ears, but at the same time, they may not every single person, especially those with very small ears who got a perfect fit with the AirPods 2nd Generation.

These headsets do not have any discounts yet.

Airpods Max

This is best for good sound and noise cancellation.

This full-size Airpod is well known for high-end features like noise cancellation, spatial audio, and easy integration with Apple devices. Although, paying about the same as you would for a PS5 may sound crazy, here’s the wonderful thing, They’re actually worth it. As long as you don’t feel burned by their lack of support for full lossless audio and lack of included cable for wired listening, these must be purchased differently.

As of May 2022, these Apple AirPods Max prices have dipped as low as $449 in certain colors. Otherwise, their prices still hover around $479.

Airpods 2019

Very good for your budget. Apple’s AirPods 2nd Generation remains in the line but it no longer includes a wireless charging option. The actual price has dipped to $129, Although you’ll find them for less. They’ve recently settled for around $100.

They’re not as feature-packed as the other AirPods we have on this list, but they still remain an appealing option for folks with a tighter budget or those who’ve worn out their original pair and would love to replace them.

From time to time, these headsets do have discounts, taking advantage of these deals and discounts on the Amazon website will be a very good idea.

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