Corsair’s PS5-ready M.2 SSD is fast and relatively inexpensive

Corsair’s PS5-ready M.2 SSD is fast and relatively inexpensive. Corsair has sent off another line of PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 SSDs made considering PS5 similarity. The MP600 Pro LPX is currently accessible in four limits: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and a major 4TB drive.

Corsair’s PS5-ready M.2 SSD is fast and relatively inexpensive

The verge noted that every one of these drives accompanies a rich heatsink pre-installed; making it simple to realize that it’ll have warm assurance, regardless of whether you put it in a PS5 or your PC.

The other key subtleties come down to cost and speed, and in the two classes, Corsair is meaning to convey a preferable worth over Samsung does with the somewhat more slow, marginally pricier 980 Pro that additionally accompanies its own heatsink.

You can get Corsair’s 500GB model for $99.99, and the 1TB model isn’t an excessive amount of additional at $169.99. The 2TB SSD is $339.99, and the cost becomes somewhat wild with the 4TB SSD. It will cost $784.99. Each SSD accompanies a five-year guarantee.

Corsair’s PS5-prepared M.2 SSD is quick and relatively inexpensive

No matter how you look at it, the MP600 LPX professes to convey a successive read speed of up to 6,7,100/s (consecutive compose speeds differ contingent upon the limit, going down to 5,800MB/s in the ITB model and 3,700MB/s in the 500GB model).

For correlation, Samsung’s contending 980 Pro can convey a successive read speed of 7.0000MB/s, while consecutive compose speeds top out at 5.100MB/s no matter what the capacity limit.


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