White Smoke from Engine – What Causes White Smoke from Engine? 

A cloud of white smoke coming from your engine could indicate many things. As a driver, it’s quite alarming when you notice this while driving on the road. This article is going to address everything related to this topic, the possible causes of this problem, and other related questions. With this, you should read to the end.

White Smoke from Engine

It’s quite normal when this happens during the rainy season. This is because water may come in contact with the exhaust and radiator in your car producing steam. But when you notice this suddenly while you drive, there may be something off with the engine of your car.

White Smoke from Engine 

You may also notice this fault when you drive through water and sometimes it happens with a loud pop sound. Before you begin to panic, you should take note of the smell of the smoke as this would help you detect the cause of this problem. When you find out the cause, you would be able to tell if you should keep driving or call an auto care service center for immediate repairs.

What Causes White Smoke from Engine?

Smoke often leaves the engine of your car due to overheating. With the points below, you will be able to tell the exact cause of this fault in your car.

  • Leaking Fluids from the Car: This is one of the major causes of this fault. There are so many fluids in the car. They include; the coolant, Brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, window washer solvent, etc. when there is a leakage in any of these fluids, you would notice the fault in your car. Most of these fluids smell sweet, especially the coolant. So, when the smoke has a sweet smell, the leakage of any of these vehicle fluids would be the cause. A thick white exhaust smoke usually indicates a leak of coolant, which can cause overheating and damage your engine. So, you should fix this as soon as you notice it.
  • A Blown Head Gasket: This is a more serious cause of this fault. The Head gasket is the seal between a vehicle’s cylinder head and the engine block. When there is a crack in this automobile part, the coolant may begin to leak causing thick fumes of white smoke from the car. Also, under extremely low-temperature conditions, the coolant freezes and this causes cracks in the wall of the parts resulting in this fault.
  • Burning Electrical wires: This could also cause this fault in a car, although it is rare. To confirm that burning wires are the cause, you would notice a pungent smell from the smoke.

These are the possible causes of this fault in a vehicle and you can easily detect them by lifting the hood of your car. If the leaking coolant is the fault, you should replace the hoses. You can get good hoses for your car on AmazonBUY NOW ON AMAZON

Can I Drive with White Smoke from The Engine?

You may be wondering if it is okay to continue driving on the road with this fault. You should know that this sign would not stop your car from functioning. This may be because it is just a coolant leak. To be on the safer side, you should act quickly when you notice it by contacting your mechanic or locating an auto care service center near you.

White Smoke from Engine but not Overheating

This may be the fault of your vehicle and is caused by some factors. They include:

  • A faulty cooling system.
  • Burning oil or fuel in your car.
  • Damaged valves or pistons.
  • Burning wires.
  • Lastly, a leaking head gasket could be the cause.

To know the root cause of this fault, you should contact your mechanic for an inspection. With this, you can schedule a repair service for your car as soon as possible.

White Smoke from the Engine after an Oil Change

Some drivers notice this after changing the oil in the engine. The possible causes of this fault include:

  • Excess oil in the car tank. When the tank is overfilled, the engine would burn off excess oil in a bid to maintain the standard quantity.
  • A leakage in the Valve stem. A crack in this automotive part can cause the oil to leak into the combustion chamber. When it gets here, the oil is burned off resulting in white fumes.
  • Also, an oil spillage while changing it could cause it.

When you use the wrong engine oil for your car, there is every probability that there would be white fumes from the engine.

What to do if your Engine Starts Smoking

Having known the cause of this fault, you may be wondering what you should do when you notice it. The safe step to take is to pull your car over. After this, allow the engine to cool and then open the hood. If you feel the fault is too serious for you to drive your car with, you should contact your mechanic for a roadside repair. A pungent smell could also indicate your fuel system is leaking too.


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