Best Apple Headphones: The Best Apple Headphones to Buy

The series of best Apple Headphones are getting better and better. This device takes the image of the wired EarPods which comes in the box. And these EarPods were fine for casual use but were sub-standard compared to the best headphones around.

Best Apple Headphones

Nowadays, Apple is well and truly on its lead to becoming a credible audio brand that can be compared to others like Sony and Bose. As an Apple user, you would like to read more on this article about the Apple Headphones.

Best Apple Headphones

The company’s true wireless earbuds (Apple AirPods) were launched in 2016. Later in 2019, there was an upgrade in the Apple AirPods to compete with Apple’s own H1 chip.

This chip provides cool features, such as the ability to summon Siri hands-free, super-fast pairing with iPhones, and increased battery life when it comes to taking calls.

The H1 chip is now used in all new Apple Headphones, from the range of AirPods Pro to the Beats Powerbeats Pro, and more.

Wireless Apple Headphones

In 2020, Apple released its highly-anticipated over-ear headphones without Beats branding and things changed. The company Apple AirPods Max offers a noise-canceling feature, exceptional audio performance, and a slick comfortable design.

Though, at an eye-watering price of $549/£549/AU$899 they might not have the same mainstream as AirPods. Deciding between headphones that share many of the same specs might be difficult, and that’s why the Apple Headphones article is just for you.

Best Apple Headphones

Here are some FAQs when considering getting the Best Apple Headphones:

Are Apple Headphones worth buying? This depends o what you want. If you want easy pairing with your iPhone, then Apple or Beats headphones are for you.

But if you want pure audio fidelity, you are better off looking at competitors like Sony and Bose. Though more Apple Headphones like AirPods Pro sound is good indeed.

How much is Apple Headphones? The prices for all these headphones vary. Beats Powerbeats 3 has a cost of $199.95/£169.95/AU$259.95 at launch. While the AirPods Pro costs $249/£249/AU$399.

Meanwhile, the new set of AirPods Max over-ear headphones have a cost of $549/£549/AU$899.

Is AirPods noise-canceling? There are currently just two noise-cancellation AirPods which are the AirPods Pro and Over-ear AirPods Max.

iPhone Apple Headphones

Here are the best Apple Headphones you can get currently:

Apple AirPods Pro

The Apple AirPods Pro is Apple’s best headphones in 2021. It offers active noise cancellation, a much better fit, and an improved design.

They offer a price of $249/£249/AU$399 which is not a really cheap price. For a well-fitting earbud with stronger sound quality, then this AirPods is right for you.

The sound quality of this AirPods Pro has certainly improved since the formal iteration. There is a notable emphasis on vocals and bass, meaning these earbuds are far better for pop fans.

Apple AirPods Max

These AirPods were some of the most anticipated headphones ever. The audio quality was nothing short of amazing. It has a solid design and builds which are comfortable.

Also, it has impressive physical control as opposed to the voguish swipe controls with most wireless headphones. This control allows for easy volume adjustment and music control.

It is tagged at a cost of $549/£549/AU$899. And it also comes in a case that preserves battery while headphones are been used.

Beats Solo Pro

The Beats Solo Pro is a marked step up from the previous iterations when it involves build quality. The feature of noise cancellation brings Beats to the best offerings from Sony and Bose.

It is priced at $299.95/AU$269.95/NZ$499.95. packs a simple one-button feature that allows some outside noise to come through. And this can be handy in an office if you want to be aware of people calling your name.

Other Best Apple Headphones

Here are some other choices of the Best Apple Headphones:

  • Beats PowerBeats Pro.
  • Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones.
  • Apple AirPods (2019).
  • Beats PowerBeats 3.

And more to be produced in the future. And that’s all about the Apple iPhone Headphones.

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