Wear OS 3 – Features and Every Detail you Need to Know

The wear OS 3 is one of the biggest updates that hit smartwatches ever since its launch. This OS was built in partnership with Samsung offering its app a much faster load time, fitness tracking powered by Fitbit’s technology, and a new interface plus other great feature.

Wear OS 3

This upgrade to the OS is really important, it is just like giving life to the old operating system. Below I would be giving you all the details and information that you need on everything the wear OS 3 has to offer and some other important information, and how you can get it.

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Wear OS 3 Release Date

The wear OS 3 was officially announced at Google’s I/O developer conference that was found in May 2021, and the very first to become available in August of 2021, sort of. At the moment it is out, but only on an extremely limited number of smartwatches.


Despite the fact that the watch has been available since 2021, there are at the moment a few smartwatches that actually run the Wear OS 3. As a matter of fact, at the moment, only the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic has it.

At the moment, no available smartwatches have gotten the software update to Wear OS 3, but some of them would do; with the Fossil Gen 6, Michael Kors Gen 6, Skagen Falster Gen 6, Razer X Fossil Gen 6, TicWatch Pro 3, TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, and Ticwatch E3 all theoretically being updated right before the end of 2022.

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When it comes to the features of the watch OS 3 there is plenty for you to see. But you should take note that not all features are found on all watches. Notably, the Samsun Galaxy watch 4 line is now running One UI watch on top of Wear OS, which brings some changes to the look and some aspects of the user interface.

When it comes to the functionality, you can expect to find on the pixel watch and any other wear OS 3 wearable that has not been extensively customized, like Samsung’s current Galaxy Watch series, where you can expect to get more variation.

Faster and Longer Lasting

Google partnered with Samsung to bring users the Wear OS 3, and the result that was produced looks like the Wear OS 2 and Samsung’s Tizen-based wearable operating system put together. The add-on is that it came with some great new features and key improvements from this collaboration including the app load times that are up to 30% faster and improved battery life.

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An Upgraded Interface

The wear OS 3 would also bring about some changes to the interface, with Google placing its focus on making it quicker and easier to operate your wearable. There is a big focus on shortcuts and gesture controls; alongside the ability, for you to use Tiles in other to customize the home screen of your watch in more ways than you can previously.

New and Improved Google Apps

Google took the chance to work on the redesign and improve Google Assistant and Google Maps, as well as adding some support for more countries in Google Pay and bringing YouTube Music to your wrist.

Better Third-party Apps

There are some amazing ways that you can push for third-party support in a few ways. For one, the company would be making it a lot easier for the developers to build great apps, to begin with in the first place; with some tools like new tiles API and a watch face design editor.

And on top of that, Google is also aiming to reward the developers for high-quality apps and penalize low-effort ones – with just some adjustments through Play Store Ranking.

Google has some great Guidelines for what the Good Wear OS apps should be doing, which include making sure that they are formatted for both square and circular screens, possessing a clear and easy-to-read text, and making the app work without using a smartphone or a tablet.

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