God of War Ragnarok Rumors Are Now Getting out of Hand

God of War Ragnarok Rumors Are Now Getting out of Hand but no need to worry. There was supposed to be a release date reveal today for the God of War Ragnarok recently, but it seems like there are some changes in the plans.

God of War Ragnarok Rumors Are Now Getting out of Hand

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As stated by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier who stated that the God of War Ragnarok update was on the card of today. As stated in a tweet that was put out today, “as of recently, there was indeed a release date announcement that is planned for Thursday, June 30.”

This is according to some sources that are allegedly familiar with the issue. But the director of the game, Cory Barlog, has stated otherwise on Twitter. Something that was acknowledged in the tweet Schreier.

Is God of War Ragnarok Delayed?

According to Barlog, God of War Ragnarok has not been delayed. At worse, the release date announcement, which might have been for today, was pushed back. This exchange that is taking place between Barlog and a fan sums it all up.

So, the game is on track for its release scheduled to take place in 2022, we just have to be patient. Try holding back your too many questions with the release date questions as it is kind of like harassment.

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When it comes to God of War Ragnarök, Sony definitely has its fingers Crossed that before this year-end we would be seeing a release. While we are waiting on some major releases for the Xbox Series X, especially after Starfield’s delay into 2023, at Sony’s last state of Play that you really for the sense that the PS5 was treading water.

God of War Ragnarok Trailer and Story

God of war Ragnarok trailer shows an interplay between an older Atreus and his father Kratos. Some of the cast from the 2018 God of war is also featured in the game as well as the Norse gods’ Thor and Tyr.

This God of war that is coming is definitely a direct sequel from the God of War of 2018. The end of that game brought about the old Norse tale of Ragnarok. During the end of the game, Thor the god of thunder turns up at Kratos for reasons yet unknown.

God of War Ragnarok PS5 and PS4

The Game is a Cross-Platform game this would be coming to both the PlayStation 5 and 4. So all PS4 owners should count themselves lucky as it is not a PS5 exclusive. Now coming to the fidelity of the game, it would depend on Santa Monica Studio, but so far the Footage that we have seen is great.

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