Skull and Bones Might be launched in November

Skull and Bones Might be launched in November so stay tuned if you have been one of those waiting for the game. After tons of delays and a turbulent development, Ubisoft’s skull and bones could actually be preparing to launch as soon as this coming November.

Skull and Bones Might be launched in November

Skull and Bones Might be launched in November

Twitter User Alumia Italia claims to have located details on the game’s launch in an Xbox Store listing, Eurogamer reports. As stated in a tweet, this listing makes mention of a pre-order bonus, additional missions, a “Smuggler Pass Token”, and digital soundtrack and artbook, and a premium bonus pack. and the most important of all is that it also included a potential release date which was scheduled for November 8, 2022.

This release date finding was subsequently corroborated by a known insider and leaker Tom Henderson, that simply tweeted a green tick in response.

Alumina Italia also suggests that the listing of the game on the Xbox Store means that a skull and Bones “Announcement is imminent”. Indeed, Tom Henderson stated earlier this month in a report for TryHardGuides that, as stated by his sources, Ubisoft is planning to reveal the game in early July and that the re-reveal is expected to reveal a release date confirmation.

Skull and Bones Release Date

At the moment, there is no official Skull and Bones release date, although earlier this year Ubisoft stated in a financial briefing that it expects the game to be launching in this financial year, so before April 2023. November 8 certainly would fit that goal.

Of course, we are expected to take any leaked details including the release date with a pinch of salt. At the moment, we are aware of the release date for skull and Bones with any certainty till we hear it officially from Ubisoft.

Skull and Bones Gameplay

You can safely say that Skull and Bones is a game that has been a long-time coming. First revealed all the way back in 2017, it had its release date pushed back multiple times amidst reports of a reboot mid-development.

Back in September 2020 update, Ubisoft Singapore creative director Elisabeth pellen stated that the game was being made with a “new vision.” And as recently as February 2022, Ubisoft stated that skulls and bones are now a “Multiplayer first” game. They stated that the mentions of single-player elements that were created in the early E3 presentation would apply no longer.

Even with the delay issues, however, in recent months it has been looking increasingly like the game could finally be preparing to launch because this leak is not the first one we have had.

Skull and Bones Gameplay

Gameplay footage was leaked back in April via Tom Henderson reported technical playtest invites being distributed. The only response we got from Ubisoft was to keep our eyes on the Horizon”.

Even more recently, in May the game was rated in South Korea and it was just some days ago the game got an ESRB rating of ‘M’ for Mature.

With all these features stated, it does feel possible that Ubisoft could actually be gearing up for a skull and bone announcement. Well, this coming November release date is not something we all should expect to be 100%. There might certainly be some setbacks in the release date.


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