Verizon Reportedly Launches BlueJeans Basic Plan

Verizon reportedly launches BlueJeans Basic plan which is a free videoconferencing subscription tier. This plan as you should know does not have any time constraints for meetings and it aims to directly rival Zoom.

Verizon Reportedly Launches BlueJeans Basic Plan

Verizon Reportedly Launches BlueJeans Basic Plan

While Zoom has become the go to platform for virtual meetings, Verizon‘s recent rollout of a free subscription for its videoconferencing tool seeks to edge out the competition. Verizon on Wednesday announced the reported launch of BlueJeans Basic which is a new plan that grants users unlimited access to free meetings without any form of time cutoffs.

Features of the New BlueJeans Basic Plan

Up to 25 attendees are allowed in meetings according to the company, and no credit cards are required in signing up for the free version. And in addition to being paywall-free, the BlueJeans Basic subscription plan includes features such as spatial audio, HD video, breakout sessions as well as calendar integrations. The plan is available for both desktop and mobile users.

Drawbacks of the BlueJeans Basic Plan

And although Verizon’s free offering does not impose a time limit, there is no option to record to the cloud or even your device. Zoom’s basic plan in contrast allows up to 100 participants and computer recordings, and it also comes with a 40-minute time limit.

Verizon Acquired BlueJeans in 2020

Verizon back in 2020 acquired BlueJeans in a bid to expand its enterprise services when businesses and educational institutions made the shift to remote work during the COVID pandemic. The platform as you should know offers three subscriptions for virtual meetings, but it however also offers tools to host webinars, online events, telehealth sessions as well as hybrid conference rooms.



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