Verizon Is Set To Start Selling Xbox All Access Bundles on Thursday

Verizon is set to start selling Xbox all access bundles on Thursday. Verizon is now expanding its offerings to include the Xbox console after a successful trial with PS5s sometime last year.

Verizon Is Set To Start Selling Xbox All Access Bundles on Thursday

Verizon Is Set To Start Selling Xbox All Access Bundles on Thursday

After conducting a short run of offering PlayStation 5 consoles last year, Verizon is now ready to expand its business to Xboxes. The carrier on Tuesday announced that it will begin selling Microsoft’s Xbox all access bundles on Thursday, the 28th of July in select stores and online.

And just as it did with its PlayStation 5 sales, you will need to be a customer of Verizon wireless in order to purchase an Xbox via the telecom company. The all access bundle includes a game system and also a subscription to Xbox game pass ultimate which is Microsoft’s gaming service that includes the Xbox live for online gaming activities as well as the ability to play, stream or even download more than 100 games.

How Much Will the Series S All Access Bundle Cost

The series S all access bundles will cost $24 monthly for 24 months. Those persons however that are in search of the more powerful Xbox series x will be able to get it from Verizon for $35 monthly on all access.

Game Pass Ultimate subscription normally for instance runs for $15 per month while the Xbox series S on the other hand often can be gotten for around $290 to $300 online. You should however know that the series x has been a tad bit harder to get but with new developments, it has become more available and it now sells for $500.

An important key to note here is that the billings for all access bundles will be done via affirm, a third-party company, and not Microsoft or Verizon.

Verizon Is Set To Diversify Into Video Games

The development of expansion into video games is coming at a time as Verizon continues to push to diversify both its online and physical stores from just selling mobile products and accessories. Additionally, Verizon sells a huge catalog of products ranging from virtual reality headsets to Wi-Fi-connected bulbs, smart cameras, thermostats, robot vacuums, and personal massagers from Theragun.

Verizon started to sell its own smart speakers last year. These smart speakers were made in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen.


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