BreachForum Will shut down after Owner’s Arrest

BreachForum will shut down after owner’s arrest as new admin says server data very much likely to be compromised.

BreachForum Will shut down after Owner’s Arrest

BreachForum Will shut down after Owner’s Arrest

It now seems as if after all Breach Forums is going down with its captain. The administrator that succeeded their now-arrested predecessor recently confirmed that they would be shutting the site and platform down and starting from afresh. The decision was made after they suspected law enforcement got access to the device of the founder, and in the process practically compromising the whole operation.

The FBI last week arrested a person who was suspected to be “Pompompurin”, the founder and super-admin of Breached Forums which is an underground forum where hackers and cybercriminals shared intelligence, malware and the general spoils of their craft. The person, whose legal name is Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, is at the moment out on bail, pending trial. He has however been accused of conspiracy to commit access device fraud.

Baphomet Reportedly Took Over the Reins of the Forums

And in the meantime, a person with the alias “Baphomet” took over the reins of the forums. The main and initial idea was to keep the site operational. However, in their final update on Telegram, Baphomet further explained that someone got access to Pompompurin’s device and thus gained access to a host of sensitive information. That then made it impossible to continue:

Final Update from the Platform

“Please consider this the final update for Breached,” a person known as “Baphomet,” which is an alias wrote on telegram, as per reports from TechCrunch. “I will be taking down the forum, as I believe we can assume that nothing is safe anymore. I know that everyone wants the forum up, but there is no value in short term gain for what will likely be a long term loss by propping up Breached as it is.”

And while they were migrating the servers of the forum, Baphomet further explained that they discovered some evidence of an unauthorized logging in just before they did.

“Unfortunately this likely leads to the conclusion that someone has access to Poms machine. Any servers we use are never shared with anyone else, so someone would have to know the credentials to that server to be able to login. I now feel like I’m put into a position where nothing can be assumed safe, whether its our configs, source code, or information about our users – the list is endless,” Baphomet wrote. “This means that I can’t confirm the forum is safe, which has been a major goal from the start of this shitshow.”

What Lies Ahead For the Platform

And while this spells the end for Breched Forums, it does not mean it is the end for the gathering of hackers:

“I want to make it clear, that while this initial announcement is not positive, it’s not the end. I’m going to setup another Telegram group for those who want to see what follows. You are allowed to hate me, and disagree with my decision but I promise what is to come will be better for us all,” Baphomet stated. “Give me 24 hours to get some rest and give thought to how we move on from here. I will be back online after that, and we will talk. I am going nowhere.”

Baphomet Considered Joining Arms with Other Competing Forums

What really lays ahead remains to be known, Baphomet also has considered joining arms with other competing forums as well.

“While the community of Breached will die, I’m going to continue conversations with some of the competitor forum admins and various service operators who reached out to me over the past few days. I’m hoping to work with some of those people to build a new community, that will have the best features of Breached, while reducing the attack surfaces we never properly addressed. As with things like this, I have no doubt our userbase may be absorbed by another community but if there is patience then I hope to bring something back that will rival any other community that can take our place.”



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