Facebook Dating App for Singles Free: Dating in Facebook 2021 | Facebook Dating App Download Free

The Facebook Dating App for Singles Free has become the topic of discussion on so many sites and forums. There is just too much to talk about when It comes to dating online or the Facebook dating app. However, the bottom line still remains that the Facebook platform can be employed for online dating.

Facebook Dating App for Singles Free

Initially, this was not possible but as the platform has grown and went through several stages, it is now possible. If you’ve been using Facebook for a while now, you definitely would know that the platform has so much evolved. Keep reading below for more information on this amazing topic.

Facebook Dating App for Singles Free

The Facebook dating feature is a feature that was added to the Facebook platform not too long ago. As almost every user of the platform has understood, social media comes with several updates to keep users glued to it. The Facebook avatar feature can be said to be one of the recent features of social media as it was released in 2020. Accessing and making use of these features are free. However, there is a catch. You must be a registered user of the platform to access and make use of this feature.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

Downloading the Facebook dating app can actually be simpler than you think.  More so, it’s free downloading and installing this app. The dating app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices. This is a piece of good news. It means no matter what device you are making use of; you can use the Facebook dating app. Speaking of which, the Facebook dating app and the Facebook official app are the same apps.

Dating in Facebook 2021

To begin dating on Facebook, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Facebook official app.
  • Login to your account or quickly create one.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right side of the screen. For iOS devices, you would find the icon at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Tap on the dating option from the menu options.
  • Click on the “Get Started” button.
  • Quickly set up your dating profile by filling the form displayed in front of you.

Once your dating profile has been set up, you would be taken to a page where you will be displayed potential matches.

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