Valve is Ramping up Steam Deck Shipments

Valve is Ramping up Steam Deck Shipments: Remember when the PlayStation 5 availability was so scarce that Sony and other retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best buy sent out tweets every week allowing anxious buyers to know when the console would be back in stock?

Valve is Ramping up Steam Deck Shipments

Valve is Ramping up Steam Deck Shipments

If you made a reservation for the Steam Deck, you might need to keep a close eye on your email box instead of on your Twitter feed. Valve gave an announcement that it is ramping up shipments for the highly-anticipated handheld gaming PC.

Valve confirmed that it would be speeding up the shipment of the steam deck in a tweet this coming Monday, April 4. On top of expediting the shipping process, the company also said it would be sending out order availability emails once a week though sometimes it might just send out two order emails per week. Unless one of those days is Monday – like today – the days in which those bi-weekly emails are scheduled to be sent out are currently unknown.

When can Customers Expect to Order their Steam Deck?

Valves send out order availability emails to people that made their steam Deck reservations in chronological order. The product page of the Steam Deck has been updated to clarify when customers can expect to finalize their orders if they made their reservation for Q2, Q3, or beyond and sent a $5 deposit for any model they choose.

For Example, if you decided to make a reservation after the third quarter of this year, the earliest you should expect to see your order availability email is October 2022. All those that made their reservations for Q3 can expect the order availability email in other to hit their inboxes in July 2022. Make sure to check your spam mail if you do not see the message right in your primary inbox.


Valve ramping up the steam deck shipments comes almost a month after it added support for windows by making key drivers available for anyone to download. At the moment, the only version of the operating system that can get installed on your steam deck is via windows 10, though.


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