Best Ui/UX Design Course – How to Become a UI / UX Designer

Why don’t you make your wishes a reality by picking the best UI/UX design courses to improve your creative work and make you a better designer?

Best Ui/UX Design Course
Best Ui/UX Design Course

UI/UX design is a way of creating a good user experience of a product which includes designing the looks or interface of the product. Also, it helps customers communicate more with the product by just the looks.

Best Ui/UX Design Course

There are a lot of companies offering UI and UX courses, but it is important you look out for the one that is outstanding in other to pull out a really good job for customers. Equipping yourself with Ui/UX design skills positions you as a highly demanding asset. Hence the need for this article “best UI and UX design course”.  Below are outlined courses that will be of great benefit:


This is a step-by-step & easy to follow course, that was designed or developed by the Georgia institute of technology. This course covers all the areas in great detail relating to UI UX design with nice engaging lectures which include videos, readings, and quizzes without confusing syllables and intense practical tools.


As a beginner in UI UX design, this platform offers a free membership course introducing the basics and guidelines for creating a standout project. Also, it offers a premium membership for $19/month which is discounted to $1 for the first 2 months which gives you access to more features like; access to over 19000 classes in the platform, offline viewing and etc.

This is also an online educational platform that trains you from newbie to job-ready level with its design workflow, prototyping tools, and some content on HTML and CSS making this an amazing offer considering its all free


With a great introduction to UI UX design, this is a subscription-based platform that offers over 4000 different courses. Which is later broken down and well-structured to over 8 hours of content that is been taken by different top experts in the field of UI UX design. This platform has a 1-month free trial and a certificate of completion at the end of the program.


This is one of the most popular online platforms for courses in the online space that is pocket friendly. Having UI UX design courses on its platform, it’s a good platform to dive into, considering its bit-sized content of many hours curated in understanding the basics and concept of UI UX design from scratch.

What is UI and UX

User interface (UI) as the name suggests is an interface meant to be user-friendly considering its looks, feel, colours and fonts. Hence, User experience design (UX) is the way or concept in which the product is been designed to meet the company’s expectations and at the same time give a simple and enjoyable user experience. The decisions in the design making are tailored for easy identification of how to use the interface by the customer.

If you wish to become a good UI/UX designer, you’ll need to acquire these skills below:

Skills Required to Become a UI/UX Designer

Research Skills

For one to become a reputable Ui/UX designer, one needs to be able to analyze both qualitative and quantitative data based on the project. Also, these include surveys, user interviews, user observations focus groups etc.

Ability to Wireframe and Prototype

This is the ability to represent a page layout for a website or app considering what should be hidden and displayed to the user. An effective user interface & experience(UI/UX) design comes from a thoroughly thought process of how the visuals should be displayed.

Ux Writing Skills

Well-written words visible on the interface help to achieve the purpose of enhancing the navigability of the user experience on the digital product, making this skillset a top required skill during UI/UX design.

Interaction Design Skill

Just as its name suggests, interaction design skill is required in the design for communication between the interface of the product and the user which are influenced by some factors like sound, motion, graphics or even screen layout.

How to Become a UI / UX Designer

Learn the basic concepts of Ux Design;

It is essential to learn the fundamental concept of ui/ux design as it’s the foundation for achieving success in the field.

Develop an Aesthetic Sense

This is the act of developing an eye for design by watching observing and studying other projects you admire in order to improve your own skill.

Invest in the Appropriate Design Software

Get yourself software for designing ui/ux in order to praticalize all you’ve been taught and learned

Creating a work Portfolio is very Important

Create a real-life digital product or project for the purpose of building a portfolio with the aim to achieve mastery and attracting potential employers.

Request Feedback from the Customer

Accept all forms of criticism as it’ll shape your performance positively. Negative feedback most times are more beneficial than otherwise making it a great way to grow and improve in the UI/UX design space.



Ever wonder how much UI/UX designers make that makes the carrier a high paying one? The average base salary of a ui/ux designer ranges from $99k yearly, $6.5k monthly, $1.5k weekly, $400 daily and $35 hourly.

Is Coding Required for UI UX?

In the field of UI/UX design, coding is not a necessity but instead have a knowledge of visual and web design with some fundamentals of creative and technical skills.

Is the UI front-end or Back-End?

The front end can be described as the interface (UI). Thereby interface developers can also be front-end developers making front-end and backend developers different.

What Programming Language does the UI Use?

Having a knowledge of HTML and CSS definitely helps greatly in the creation of a user interface for the web. It also helps in the communication and workflow between team members. Also, this help to enhance the success rate of the project.



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