Glass Onion Is the Number 4 Most Watched Netflix Movie of All Time

Glass Onion is the number 4 most watched Netflix movie of all time. The sequel was a big hit but however not as huge as Bird Box.

Glass Onion Is the Number 4 Most Watched Netflix Movie of All Time

Glass Onion Is the Number 4 Most Watched Netflix Movie of All Time

Netflix’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, is the platform’s No. 4 most streamed movie of all time as per the watch time stats of the company that was released on Tuesday.

Glass Onion, a whodunit sequel to 2019’s knives out was streamed for 279.7 million hours within the very first 28 days of its release, the point that Netflix stops its count of viewing time as it gears toward its ranking. The movie was less than three million hours bumping the thriller from 2018, Bird Box from the number 3 spot. By contrast, however, the most watched Netflix movie ever, the action comedy Red Notice, garnered 364 million hours in its initial 28 days.

Netflix for years was notoriously tight-lipped in regard to its viewership. The creator of House of Cards, Beau Willimon who initially put the original programming of Netflix on the map at a time said that the company would not even share viewership metrics with him.

Netflix Has Become More Open In Regard to the Popularity of Its Movies and Shows

But however, within the last couple of years, the streaming platform has become much more open in regard to the popularity of its movies and shows to help it stoke buzz as well as talent. Netflix first added a top-tending ranking to its service, that way people can see the most popular titles streaming on its platform in the country on any given day.

The platform then also began to share popularity stats for certain titles publicly, publicizing the number of accounts that watched two minutes of a particular title in the first month of release.

Netflix Launched a Website Posting Global Ranking of All-Time Most Watched Titles In 2021

Netflix in 2021 launched a website that is tasked with posting weekly charts of its most popular movies and shows as well as the global ranking of all-time most watched titles. The charts in question are updated weekly and then ranked by the total number of hours spent by subscribers watching and streaming them.

The Impact of Netflix’s Ranking

The ranking kicked off an unprecedented trove of data about what is popular on the streaming platform, thus detailing the most successful titles in the previous week not only worldwide but also for over 90 individual countries.

This is the most transparency the streaming platform has ever adopted for its viewership, which will now take on new significance as Netflix ramps up advertising on special cheaper plans of its service. But the information however is also meant to help subscribers on the platform to get a better grip on what’s most popular on the biggest streaming platform and service in the world.


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