Top 10 Free APIs Without a Key or Authentication

There are thousands of APIs available for developers to use; some require keys or authentication to use.

Top 10 Free APIs Without a Key or Authentication
Top 10 Free APIs Without a Key or Authentication

This article will provide you with the top 10 APIs without a key or authentication to use in your next project.

What is an API?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface.” It is software that allows two applications to communicate with each other. An API serves as a messenger that delivers your request to the provider that you are requesting from and then returns the response back to you.

What is a free API?

Free APIs, sometimes known as “open APIs” or “public APIs,” are APIs available to the public for free. Developers can use them on their projects without having to pay for them.

How does an API Work?

An API is a middleman between a server and your application. You program your application to do something for you; your app will make use of an API to communicate with the web server, telling it what it will do. This whole process is called a request. Thereafter, the server will send back a response to be delivered by the API (middleman) to your application.

Top Ten Free APIs that don’t require a key or Authentication

There are some APIs that require keys or authentication to access; these keys help protect the provider from harmful users, helping them manage their API. Free APIs are great for beginners and web developers who want to make use of sample data for their applications without restrictions.

The list below contains some of the best free APIs that developers can use for testing since they don’t require any authentication.

Bored API

Bored is a free API that doesn’t require a key or authentication to access. This free API can be used by developers to create an application that provides people with suggestions on random activities when they are bored. You can access this free API at

Cat Facts API

This free API can be used by developers to display random facts about cats in their applications. This free API can be accessed at

Dogs API

If you want to display pictures of random dog images on your application, this free API is best for you. It can be accessed at


Displaying jokes on your application can be a great way to entertain your users. This free API provides developers with random jokes from different categories like programming, puns, and misc. It usually has a setup as the joke question and delivery as the answer to the joke. This API can be accessed at

RandomUser API

As a developer, you can create an application that has to do with users and their information. Before you can start registering real users on your application, you can use an API to fetch fake users and their information for testing on your application. This API contains fake information about a user like their name, gender, email, telephone number, and address. This free API can be accessed at

CoinDesk API

When building a crypto platform or a crypto-based website, it is necessary to include the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the website. This free API can be used to display the current Bitcoin price index on a website. It provides information such as the current price of bitcoin in dollars, euros, and pounds. The sample URL for this API is API

As a beginner developer, you may want to create an application that can predict the gender of a person based on their name. This free API can be used in an application to predict gender based on a name. The URL for this API is

Agify.Io API

Another free API you can use for your next project is Agify. This free API can be used by developers to build an application that can predict the age of a person based on their name. The sample URL for this API is

Universities List API

This free API can be used by developers to fetch the list of universities in a specified country. This API does not require a key; a sample URL for this API is, where united + kingdom can be replaced with any country name.

Ipify API

This is a free API that can be used to get your current IP address.

The sample URL for this API is

These are some of the free APIs that do not require any Key or authentication to access. You can make use of them to improve the functionality of your next application or project.

How to use Free APIs

One of the best ways to test or manage any of the APIs listed above is to use Postman, it is an API-based platform where you can quickly create, test and document APIs.

The benefit of API Integration in your Project

APIs are powerful tools that bring innovation and improvement to the functionality of websites. Some benefit of API integration includes;

Enhances Customization

Using APIs will help improve the customization of applications and websites, by allowing developers to make use of data and different functionality from other applications. According to research, 70% of website and application users expect website owners to understand their needs and expectations.

Improve Automation

API integration helps to improve automation processes, task that is supposed to be carried out manually are now easy to execute, thanks to application connection. So in terms of development automation, APIs are very important

Saves Cost

API helps to save costs during development. You may want to develop a website or application from scratch with some functionalities. This may take time and may cost you more money. But with API integration, it will save time, effort and cost.


Since APIs can access app components, the delivery of information is more efficient, making data flow and delivery of information more flexible.

Frequently Ask Questions

What Are Freemium APIs?

Freemium APIs are APIs that limit users’ requests to a certain point. With a freemium API, you are allowed to make a number of requests per day. After which you are charged for any other additional request.

Can I get APIs for Free?

Most APIs are locked and require a key or some sort of authentication to make use of them. Free APIs exist. With the help of this free API, you can create flexible and powerful applications or websites.

What are the Types of Web APIs?

There are four different types of APIs that are mostly used in web services. They include;

  • Public
  • Partner
  • Private
  • Composite

Can you make Money with APIS?

You can create your own API and sell it, or you can make people pay before they can use it. APIs allow you to save money and resources, and this will also allow you to monetize your work.



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