How to Get Twitter Verification

Do you have a hunger for that delicious Twitter verification checkmark? Well, get ready to satisfy your cravings by discovering the secrets of getting verified on Twitter.

How to Get Twitter Verification
How to Get Twitter Verification

getting that highly valued blue tick is like adding a little touch of sophistication and realness to your Twitter business or creator account. However, you must know that the process of getting a Twitter verification has changed, unlike what it used to be.

This article will take you through the step-by-step process of how to get that desired blue (or gold or grey) checkmark on your Twitter account. We will make the process very easy and help you in creating an online personality and unleash new opportunities for recognition and affluence in the online world.

What Does Twitter Verification Mean?

The process of getting a Twitter account certified and offered a blue (or gold or grey) checkmark badge right beside the username of the owner is known as Twitter verification. The verification simply means that Twitter has confirmed the realness and legality of the account and every tweet made by the account, and even information presented by the account matches the identity of its owner.

The badge stands as proof that that particular account is a real and genuine one belonging to an actual person, likely a well-known individual, a public figure, a singer, an influencer, an actor, a brand, or an organization.

With the Twitter verification badge, users are given the ability to separate real accounts from fake accounts, fan accounts, or impersonators. The badge enables users and followers to know that they are engaging with a real account they can trust and not a fraudulent or false one.

Types of Twitter Verification

It is essential to know that various types or kinds of Twitter verifications exist depending on the account’s functions and structure. Here are the three main Twitter verification methods:

  • Blue Verification Badge: This kind of Twitter verification badge is known to be the most popular. This badge is basically preserved for accounts belonging to public figures, government officials, celebrities, popular brands, and popular organizations. It is represented by a blue checkmark badge
  • Gray Verification Badge: This badge was mainly created for accounts owned by various businesses or organizations in sectors like the sports sector, entertainment, media, etc. This badge helps in separating these accounts from private or personal accounts.
  • Gold Verification Badge: This badge is a special badge introduced by Twitter for popularly known personalities in some industries like the music industry, entertainment industry, fashion, and others. It is majorly reserved for influential and famous people.

With this breakdown, it should be easier for you to know the kind of verification badge that you should apply for looking at the structure and function of your account.

Twitter Verification Features and Advantages

Twitter verification features and advantages can increase the value and exposure of your account. Here are some features and advantages of having a verified Twitter account:

  • Verification badge: The blue (or gold or grey) checkmark badge right next to your username is the most visible and evident feature. This badge is a symbol that Twitter has confirmed your account. And is sure that the account belongs to an actual person, brand, or organization
  • Trust and Reputation: The verification badge makes it easier for users to trust your account and when users trust your account. They tend to engage more with your content, interact with you, and even seek your advice.
  • Visibility and Discoverability: When an account is verified, it is easier to search for and locate it. With that blue badge, people can easily know that it is you. And such exposure can result in a higher fan base, more engagement, and more connections with people.
  • Increased Credibility: the verification badge helps in separating your certified and real account from copycats, fraudsters, and impersonators. Giving your followers certainty that they are engaging with the real you.
  • Access to Features: verified accounts also get to enjoy additional tools and features for engagement, analytics, and content creation.
  • Partnership Opportunities: Because of that blue checkmark badge beside your username, brands, organizations, and different companies might want to work with you, even some other influence might like to connect with you

It is quite evident that Twitter verification comes with special treats and exciting benefits. It is important to note that you cannot enjoy these benefits without being verified first.

Criteria for Twitter Verification: Who Qualifies for Verification?

To know if you’re eligible for Twitter verification, you must know the requirements and guidelines that your account must meet. Here are some important factors that are considered by Twitter when determining the eligibility of an account:

  • The account must be Authentic: For Twitter to even think of verifying your account, they must know that it belongs to an actual person, brand, organization, or public figure. The account must also be actively used by the owner.
  • The account must possess a level of Importance: Twitter looks to verify accounts that are important and possess a level of influence online. This includes people or organizations who are well-known in the music industry, movie industry, sports, politics, and other influential fields.
  • The account must be Impactful: Twitter looks out for accounts that create a major impact in the online community. Whether through big achievements, cultural and societal influence, or public importance. For you to be eligible for verification. you must check the kind of impact your account projects have.
  • The account must be Complete: your account must be 100% complete, that is, it must have a profile photo, an original username, a complete bio, and a valid phone number or email address.
  • Public Interest: Twitter mostly verifies accounts that are likely to be impersonated. Accounts that are impersonated and fabricated are mostly accounts that are important to the public. So, the verification badge helps users know when the account is real or fake.

Note that is It important to check if your account meets these requirements before applying in order to increase your chances of getting verified on Twitter.

How to Apply for Twitter Verification

Applying for Twitter verification is quite straightforward and easy. Here is a step-by-step process for applying for Twitter verification:

  • Step 1: log into your Twitter account, then tap “Settings and privacy” from the menu on the left, and then select “Account information.”
  • Step 2: Tap “Request verification.”
  • Step 3: After that, click “start request.”

The process starts with you having to pick one out of the six categories under which your Twitter account falls. Depending on the category you select. You may be asked to present information (such as links to articles about you or your company) or respond to some questions.

Twitter will then display a message informing you if you are eligible or not, according to your responses to their questions.

How to Maintain Your Twitter Verification

If successfully, Twitter approves your verification request, a checkmark badge automatically appears next to your display name. But you must also know that Twitter has the right to take away your verification badge at any time.

However, the following are a few causes for which Twitter might choose to take away your verification badge:

  • When your account is inactive.
  • When your account is not 100% complete (maybe missing a valid phone number or email address)
  • When you delete or remove your profile photo.
  • When you violate Twitter rules (e.g., by using inappropriate words or encouraging violence or suicide)
  • When you change your username.
  • When you do not hold the position for which Twitter approved your verification anymore.


How do you get verified on Twitter?

By signing up for a Twitter Blue subscription and meeting all requirements, you can become verified on Twitter.

How many followers do I need to be verified on Twitter?

To become verified on Twitter, you merely need to subscribe to Twitter Blue and meet Twitter’s eligibility requirements.

Can a verified account be hacked or impersonated?

Yes, a verified Twitter account can still be hacked or impersonated. It’s important to practice strong security measures and contact Twitter support if such incidents occur.

How long does it take for Twitter to review a verification request?

Twitter’s verification review process duration varies. It can take some time due to the high volume of requests. Patience is key, and monitoring your email or Twitter account for updates is important.

Are there any costs associated with applying for Twitter verification?

No, currently, there are no costs associated with applying for verification. Futhermore, the verification process on Twitter is free of charge.



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