How to turn off Badges in iOS 15 – iPhone Notification Settings

Are you interested in how to turn off Badges in iOS 15? This question has been highly asked for a while now, and in this article, I would be giving you a complete work-through on how to work this out. So if you are interested, let’s move on. Basically, there is not much you need to achieve this, all you need is stated below.

How to turn off Badges in iOS 15

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How to Turn off Badges in iOS 15

For any application running on iOS, both the stock and those that you add yourself, the instructions still remain the same when it comes to removing the red badge notifications for app-related tasks that you have not tackled.

You also have to note that not all apps offer support for badges and as such would not feature the badge toggle. Here I would be stating some steps for you to follow if you are looking to turn off your iOS 15 Badges for Good.

iPhone Notification Settings

Follow the steps below to locate the iPhone notification and turn off the badges.

  • first, you would have to visit the iPhone settings. Depending on the iPhone app icon and screen configuration, the gear app icon may be found on the home screen or a subsequent app page.
  • Launch the settings
  • Find Notifications. It’s a red icon that has a small bell right on top of it and the Badge Circle located at the upper right.
  • Choose notifications. Below is information concerning Notification scheduling, the ability to see previews, screen sharing, and Siri settings in the notification style, and an entire list of apps.
  • Scroll down to the app where you would like to make Badge notifications disappear. The list is quite alphabetical, so this should be quite easy for you to find your app of choice. On this list, you would find all the Apple’s Stock apps, which include Mail, Messages, phone, etc., as well as your installed apps.
  • Head down to the section with the name Alerts. It is mostly found right under the toggle settings to allow notifications and always deliver immediately.
  • In Alerts, search for badges and the toggle it straight to the right of it.
  • Select the toggle, that would slide it to the left and instantly turn off badges for that app.

You cannot exactly turn off all badges for all apps. Perhaps that would change in iOS 16. Even so, badges for Mail and messages could have a significant impact on your wellbeing. Be sure that unread emails would still be left in your inbox. But at least, your home screen would not be flooded with numbers each time you launch your iPhone.


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