Reports Claims Twitter May Tie Verified Status to Paid Twitter Blue Subscription

Reports claims Twitter may tie verified status to paid Twitter blue subscription. Executives at the social media platform are at the moment considering making a $5 monthly subscription condition for holders who wish to hold on to the blue check mark, platformer reports.

Reports Claims Twitter May Tie Verified Status to Paid Twitter Blue Subscription

Reports Claims Twitter May Tie Verified Status to Paid Twitter Blue Subscription

Users on Twitter with a coveted blue verified checkmark on their account soon may start having to pay in a bid to continue with that status.

Twitter executives according to a report by platform Casey Newton on Sunday afternoon, are strongly considering requiring those users with the free checkmark on their profile to start paying $5 every month for a Twitter blue subscription or they face losing their badge. Sources revealed to Newton that executives have spent the duration of the weekend talking about the whole idea and are making plans about the measure.

The blue badge on Twitter is something that is seen by many as a status symbol. And to qualify for it accounts must be “notable, authentic, and active.” And this includes accounts of government officials, representatives of prominent brands, news organizations, journalists, activists, celebrities, athletes, and many more.

The Move Could Help Twitter With a New Stream Of Income

Blue badges on the platform are also fairly rare as in 2021; 360,000 accounts or 0.2% of Twitter’s monetizable daily active users were verified. And even with that, such a requirement could help to provide the social media company with a new stream of revenue at a time when it is reportedly getting ready for layoffs under the newly led ownership of Elon musk.

What Is Twitter Blue?

Twitter blue as you already know is a subscription plan and service that offers users various premium perks and this is including letting users undo a tweet, read news ad-free, organize their bookmarks into folders, edit a published tweet, pin conversations in their DMs, upload videos on the platform of up to 10 minutes long and many more. The service when it was launched back in 2021 costs $3, but the monthly cost was upped in October to $5.

Will The Blue Badge Be Included in All of Twitter’s Blue Subscriptions?

It was not clear immediately as to under what plans were being discussed, or whether the blue badge would get to be included in all of Twitter’s blue subscriptions. That also could spur more interest in the subscription service.


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