Best Grater – Is A Microplane Better Than A Grater?

Christmas holiday is just a month and some weeks from now and getting the best grater to grille food when cooking is very necessary. Graters are designed to convert hard cheeses into something more edible.

Best Grater
Best Grater

However, a grater is also called a shredder, chopper, or slicer. They are kitchen tools used for grille foods into pieces. These kitchen utensils are invented by Francois Boullier in the 1540s to grate cheese.

Best Grater

Describing a grate – it is a metal device with holes surrounded by sharp edges, which is used to cut food into small pieces. They come in three forms they include a Zester grater, a hand grate, and a box grater. Read on to know more about this grater.

As I have stated, there are different forms and also sizes, shapes, and designs, and buying the right grater can be frustrating. To make your research easy, we have put together a guide and list of the right grater that can do a whole lot more than just shred cheese.

What Is A Grater Used For In Cooking?

A grater is a kitchen tool with a rough surface that you can use for cutting food into very small pieces. They are also known as a Shredder and are founded in the 1540s by François Boullier.

Furthermore, these kitchen tools can turn all kinds of food into ribbons, strands, or tiny particles.  It can also be used for garnishing salad and carrots.

Types of Kitchens Graters

There are different types of kitchen graters but I will be listing out the 3 commonly used graters so far.

Box Grater

The box graters are y kitchen tools to use in the kitchen. however, it has a four-sided kitchen grater, each side with different size holes. It also has a side for slicing as well. In addition, they are used to grate hard cheese like cheddar and Mozzarella, shred potatoes, shred cucumber, and many more.

Hand Grate

These are one-sided paddle-style graters. They are best for grating into the bowl and are used for just one option. Plus, they are large, very shaped holes, with a rubber-lined base to prevent slipping.


Zesters are used for citrus fruit to get long, thin strips of zest. They are small with just a few round holes that you scrape along the fruit.

Other types of graters

  • Spice
  • Rotary
  • Mandoliners

Things to look Consider When Buying Grater

To get the right box grater that will make food prep a lot easier, there are some things and features to consider.


You can check the type guide above and make your choice. However, the box grater is best for the kitchen as they come with four-sided and side slices.


Material is another thing to consider when it comes to boxing grater. A popular choice is stainless steel because it is durable and resistant to rusting.


When it comes to versatility, box-style models are the right option. They have four grating surfaces and other features to use in the kitchen.

Easy to Clean

When it comes to washing, you can go for the dishwasher. Check a product’s description carefully to see if that’s possible, as they are not all dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.


Go for an ergonomic handle which may be best, as it might have the right shape that will make it much easier to hold.


You can check out the review so you can see how well a box grater works. So, it is very good to see what others have to say about the ease of cleaning up.

What Is The Best Grater?

The best grater is one with easy to use, versatile, easy to maintain, and also ergonomic and the OXO brand has these features. We have put together 7 top graters to shop for right now.

OXO Etched Box Grater

This is an amazing box grater with many features, this model includes a measuring cup and a removable zester. It is made with high-quality material and it is best for kitchen tools. However, the tools add useful innovation to this category and the zester is removable so you can easily grate directly onto your food.


Spring Chef Box Grater

This is an amazing large box grater made of stainless steel. it features four blades so you can use it for coarse, medium, and fine grating, as well as slicing making it the best kitchen tool. This one is very easy to use with an easy comfortable handle. Additionally, this box grater is dishwasher safe for super simple cleanup.


Cuisipro 6-Sided Box Grater with Bonus Ginger Grater

When you want more than just four blades on your box grater, it is worth checking out this 6-sided option from Cuisipro. This box features six sides, so it can be more versatile than a standard box grater with four sides. Plus, this product has an ergonomic, non-slip handle and a non-slip base.


Cuisinart Boxed Grater

This is another great grater to consider as it comes with four sides and four blades that make it simple to grate, shred, and slice various ingredients quickly. However, it is made of stainless steel making it durable and last long. Plus, it comes with handles that have a soft grip for your comfort and are also dishwasher-safe.


Microplane Premium Classic Zester

This is another amazing grater for your kitchen, it is super sharp and also excellent for parmesan. However, the Microplane’s razor-sharp teeth shave off just the right amount of peel without carving too deep into the pith (the bitter part of the citrus), like some duller models we tested.


Best For Carrots – Joseph Joseph Twist Grater

The Joseph Joseph Twist Grater is a compact little tool that can do a lot for its small size. It is great for grilles carrots and other fruit. It comes with two grating surfaces and the handle can twist 90 degrees and become a support leg, making it easier to grade a large amount of cheese or veggies. In addition, it is affordable and convenient in a rasp-style model.


Best for Vegetable – Utopia Kitchen 6-Sided Grater

The Utopia kitchen grade features 6-sided features for maximizing versatility and value.  The slicer side features three ridged slice blades which produce three slices with one stroke. Additionally, it comes with a rubber handle and base which are useful when granting large amounts of cheese. It is one of the most affordable models on the market and it’s best to grille vegetables with a large surface.



What Is The Best Grater For Carrots?

The best grater for carrots includes the elite series 4-sided box grille, home series coarse grilles, and many more. they are very easy to use with comfortable handles.

Is A Microplane Better Than A Grater?

A Microplane grater comes with fine blades, allowing it to shave much more finely and consistently than a traditional box grater. Because of the sharp and precise blades, a Microplane requires less effort to use and produces fluffier results.

What Is A Japanese Grater?

Japanese grater is designed as small sharp pieces of ceramic for grating ingredients into a fine paste. Surprisingly little effort: -Sharp ceramic pieces allow you to grate with surprisingly less effort.

Why Do You Grate Tomatoes?

Box grating your tomatoes both makes them easier to mainline and provides a workaround for the tomatoes that are a bit overripe and past their prime.

What Is A Shark Skin Grater?

Sharkskin is the traditional material for grating wasabi, as its fine, sandpaper-like surface preserves the delicate texture and flavour of the fresh root. It is very easy to use, just firm pressure, then scrape off the grated wasabi with a grater brush.



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