50 Happy New Month Prayer for Your In-Laws in November 2022

This page contains a list of 50 Happy New Month Prayers for Your In-Laws in November 2022. We are slowly approaching the new month and it is time to show your loved ones that you have them in mind and that you love them as much as they love you. One of the best ways to do this is with your sincere prayers and wishes.

50 Happy New Month Prayer for Your In-Laws in November 2022

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50 Happy New Month Prayer for Your In-Laws in November 2022

Although you could do some silent personal prayer for your in-laws, you also want them to know you are praying for them. The best way to let them know that you have them in your prayers is by extending the prayers to them.

How To Send Happy New Month Messages to your In-laws

There are several simple ways to extend happy new month prayers to your inlaws. Some of these are;

  • Send them a text message
  • Through a WhatsApp message
  • Give them a call.

Well, if you are going for the first two options, we have lots of templates to help you out with.

50 Sample Happy New Month Prayers

The list below contains, blessings-filled and heart-warming, New Month Prayers and Blessings you could send to your in-laws.

To make your prayers more personalized, we have categorized the prayers into different groups. Check them out below;

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Happy New Month Prayer for your Mother-In-Law

It is very necessary to send a happy new month prayer to your mother-in-law. As a married man or woman, this is necessary to show them that you care and continually have them in your prayers. Here are some sample prayers and blessings text you can send to them;

Sound Health

Thank you for being a sweet mother to me. May God grant you good health of mind and body. May he satisfy you with long life.

Mercy of God

As we move into the month of November, my prayer for you is that God will have mercy upon you. Let his mercy deliver you from all struggles of life.


May the good lord guide and protect you in all that you do. As we move into the month of November, may he direct every step that you take in life.


I wish you a happy new month my dear in-law. May the joy of the lord fill up your soul in the month of November?

The best of the Month

To my sweet mother-in-law, I wish you the very best in the month of November. Happy new month, sweet mother-in-law.

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Shine bright in the Month of November

As the diamonds shine, keep shining my sweet mother-in-law. I wish you a happy new month filled with brightness.


As we enter into the 11th month of the year, you will continue to celebrate and no celebration will depart from your household.

Heart Desires

May the good Lord grant all your heart desires in the month of November. Happy new month, mother-in-law.


In the month of November, the good lord will strengthen you in every area of your life. As you grow older every day, let the good lord fill you with abundant strength to carry out your daily activities.

New Month Prayer for Father-in-Law

Here are a few prayer points and blessings to send to your father-in-law in the month of November;

Wonderful Month

To the world’s best father-in-law, I wish you a happy new month. I also wish for you to enjoy this new month of November to the fullest.


Let God the Almighty grant you the gift of faith as we begin this brand-new month of November. I also wish you success in this new month.

God’s Blessing

I’m wishing you a joyous new month that is full of God’s favor in every aspect of your life. Keep thinking positively and God will keep making a way for you.

Well Being

As my father-in-law, I pray that God would always keep your mind and body sound and healthy during this new month of November. God will also keep you from anything that will give you trouble.

Unmerited Favor

I ask for Unmerited favor upon you, your family, and your home. I thank God for your existence in my life. Thank you for being my advisor and guide throughout my years of marriage.

More Testimonies

I admire you for being the best grandfather to my kids. So, I’d want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and best wishes for a joyful new month to my loving father-in-law.

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Anointing of God

My prayer for you in this new month of November is that God’s anointing may be upon your life as my father-in-law in the name of Jesus, so it shall be.

Sufficient Grace

I wish you a pleasant new month and pray that God’s grace will be sufficient in your life. Also, thanks for all that you have done for us.

Divine Perfection

As we begin this new month of November, my prayer for you as my father-in-law is that God will turn all your flaws to perfection.

New Month Prayer for Your Daughter-in-Law in November

Your daughter-in-law is a blessing to your son and your family in general. Send this message to her this new month to begin her month with a smile and an “amen”.

Angelic Protection

I pray that God’s angelic protection will keep you safe wherever you go in this brand-new month. Be the good daughter-in-law you have always been, and keep being that

Prayer for Needs

In the name of Jesus, I pray that this new month will be filled with all resources you require as this family’s daughter-in-law. And, in Jesus’ name, helpers will find you.

God’s Blessing

I pray for God’s blessings in every aspect of your life. His blessings will never depart from your life, my lovely daughter-in-law.


I hope that this new month will bring you success in every aspect of your life, especially your marriage. Your womb shall, therefore, bear all of my grandchildren.

Prayer from Shame

Whatever the enemies will use to mock you this month shall not see you in this month. My prayer for you is that there will be no shame in your entire household this month.

Prayer Against Death

Death shall not see you and your household in this month of November. Anyone who speaks death in your life will surely fail in the name of Jesus.


As we move into this new month, may God satisfy you with his peace. And may all your loved ones be granted peace throughout this month. Amen.

Unconditional Love for her Husband

As my daughter-in-law, may you love your husband unconditionally, Amen.


In this new month of November, I pray that God will unite every member of your family will be united.

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New Month Prayer for Son in law

Here are some sample prayers you can send to your son In law, this new month.


As the head of the family, you need to provide for your family. May the lord provide everything that you need, Amen.

Open Heaven

In all that you do, you shall enjoy open heavens. I wish you the best in the month of November.

May the Lord Ease your Strength

May the lord perfect everything that you do in the month of November and may he ease your stress, Amen.

You Shall Not Labour in vain

One of the most frustrating things in life is to labor in vain. In this new month, I pray, that will never be your portion, Amen.


I pray that in the month of November, you shall get good opportunities for growth and profit. No power of hell shall succeed in your life and your family, Amen.


Whatever you do this month shall be successful, my wonderful son-in-law.

May the Lord Strengthen You

The lord shall be your strength in the month of November. He will fill you with enough strength to carry out your daily activities.

Help in Difficult Times

May the lord grant you help in difficult times. I am wishing you, my son-in-law, the very best in all that you do, amen.

A Happy Home

May the lord grant you a happy home. Whatever will cause disunity in your home will not happen in the lord’s name.

New Month Prayers for Sister-in-Law

Here are some prayer templates to use for your sister-in-law this new month

Be Filled with Holy Spirit

I pray that the Holy Spirit will overshadow you and give you the power to make the right decisions, Amen.


Where ever you go, the lord will protect you. Also, the lord will guide your entire family

God’s Favor

May the lord bring you favor with everyone that comes in contact with you this new month. May he also grant you the grace to favor people in need of a favor?

You Shall Be a Vessel of Praise and Glory

I wish you a happy new month. I also pray that in every situation, you shall be a vessel of praise and glory.

You shall be a Messenger of Love and Hope

May the lord use you to bring a message of love and hope to everyone in your sphere of contact this new month. May the love of God almighty fill your heart? Amen.


I pray that the spirit of joy and harmony will overflow into your life and I am wishing you a happy new month.


you shall be great amongst all your peers. God shall give you the grace to enjoy the month of November, Amen

Right Thing Should Come at the Right Time

In this journey of life, may the right thing come at the right time in your life. I wish you a happy new month my dear sister-in-law.

Instant Miracles

in all that you do and touch this month, you shall experience increase and prosperity. As Jesus is never tired of doing miracles and wonders in the life of people, may he not cease to do it in your life, Amen

New Month Prayer Points for Brother-in-Law this November

Here is a list of prayer points for your brother-in-law in the month of November.

Open Doors

As we enter into a new month, may the good lord open all good doors in your life. May my prayer and well wishes work well in your life this month. Amen.

Prayer From Evil

Evil things will not come your way this month. No weapon fashioned against you this month shall prosper.

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You Shall Not Fail

You shall have success in all your endeavors in the month of November. Everything you lay your hands on shall prosper in the Lord’s name.

You are Immune from Disease

You will never be sick this month. I wish you a happy new month, my brother-in-law.

Filled with the Glory of God

May the good lord fill you with his glory and beauty. May you have favor in all that you do this month of November.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you Wish People a Happy New month?

Sending new month greetings to all your contacts will show them that you have not forgotten them and that you care about their well-being.

Must you Include Scriptures in your New month Prayers?

It is not compulsory to include scriptures in your new month’s messages. Just some good wishes will be good enough

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