How Much Does It Cost to Build an Ecommerce App

How Much Does It Cost to Build an eCommerce App? Find out by reading this simple yet very comprehensive text. Building a very good application having the right features is the best thing you can do for your eCommerce business today. Of course, you will not be able to build this application all by yourself, you will have to employ the service of a professional eCommerce expert or app developer.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Ecommerce App

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How Much Does It Cost to Build an Ecommerce App

Ecommerce developers are not easy to come by, which is why they are in high demand. Their price system is according to their demand, scarcity, and the cost of their tools.

You cannot have just anyone build your eCommerce platform. One thing is certain, and that is the fact that, with the best user experience and engaging tools, you are sure to get all the sales you need.

In a few paragraphs, we are going to analyze the cost of developing the best platform for your eCommerce business.

What are e-Commerce Apps?

A few years before now, eCommerce websites were making strides, applications are known to make a better impact than websites. Therefore, eCommerce applications are here to stay.

In very simple terms, an eCommerce application is a software program that is designed to run on both phones and tablets dedicated to the e-commerce business.

These applications perform the same function as eCommerce websites, only that they are more efficient and user-friendly.

There are lots of features that make this app preferable. Some of these features include ease of use, mobile friendliness, and quick loading.

Ecommerce App Development on the other hand is not a very easy business as it will require some of the best development skills and materials to create a very good app having good engagement features.

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Benefits of Having a Feature-Rich Mobile Application for E-commerce Business

Ecommerce applications play a major role in the growth of businesses. Research shows that most people spend more time with their phones and are more likely to make purchases with their phones rather than their computers.

Some of the benefits of using these applications as opposed to websites are;

Good User Experience

A responsive website could be very slow to load. Some of these websites can’t complete very quick loading and fast displays as mobile apps do.

The Usage of Smart Phone Hardware

Most websites cannot use smartphone hardware like a camera, geolocation, etc. with access to geolocation, you can have a more personalized and efficient shopping experience.


With mobile apps, you can continue to have notifications from the platform even when you are not using it.  this is another medium of marketing. When these notifications come, users are lured to click and when they get into the app, they can make purchasing decisions.


Ecommerce applications bring the platform closer to consumers. The presence of the application on their phone reminds them about your brand and when they click on it, they can make favorable purchasing decisions.

More Conversions

A couple of researches have confirmed that people who use applications make more purchases than people who use e-commerce websites.

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Factors that Determine the Cost of E-commerce App Development

Although it may not be very possible to pinpoint a particular price for Building E-Commerce Apps. The prices for developing eCommerce apps are determined by the following factors.

Here is a list of the various factors determining the price for the development of eCommerce applications;

Size and Design of E-Commerce App

The layout of the application and the icon design of the application are expected to be attractive enough to make it very appealing to customers to keep them stuck to the application. The adaptation to modern technology has helped to enhance the entire aesthetic and coding standards.

The size of your application depends on the number of integrated features. If you leverage fewer features, then the size of your app should be very small, and vice versa. Therefore, the entire cost gets impacted if you want to add advanced features and functions.

Cost estimation: Range from $2000 to $30,000

App Platform

The price of your application building also depends on the platform in which you are building your application. You must choose a platform that appeals to the majority of your users.

On this path, android has been more lucrative than t of iOS because more ideal customers use android devices.

The Cost of App Design

The features and design of your app are determinants of the type of results you will have. your application requires a very good design to grab the attention of customers.

If you want your app to support diverse versions of the operating system, the cost for that will be higher. If you need a quality design, be prepared to pay a higher amount of money.

App design cost Estimation: $2,000 to $35,000

Wireframe Cost

Wireframing is a visual architecture that is very useful for crafting the layout of your application. The price for this depends on the number of pages and how complicated your application is.

The cost of wireframing ranges from $500 to $1500.

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Most times, businesses do not consider this part of the app development process. This needs to be included when planning to develop your mobile app. Android and iOS require updates from time to time. This contributes also to the eCommerce app development cost.

Maintenance cost Estimation: 20% to 30% of initial development cost

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an E-Commerce App Developer?

The cost of hiring E-commerce developers depends on several factors such as;

  • Hourly rate
  • App developer experience
  • Developer location
  • Development Company

the table below highlights all the factors and the costs attached to them;

Factors Impacting the App Cost  Estimated Price Range 
1) Size and design cost $2000 to $30,000
2) App Platform: Windows, iOS, or Android Depends on platform
3) App design cost $2,000 to $35,000
4) Wireframe cost $500 to $1500
5) Maintenance cost 20-30% of the initial development cost
6) Developer cost Depends on developer experience, hourly rate, location, etc.
7) Other factors

a) General and advanced features

b) Tech stack- frontend/ backend, Webserver, Database, CRM, payment gateway, storage, etc.

c) E-commerce business type- B2B, B2C, & C2C

After deciding all factors, the cost will be estimated


with all these costs put together, the cost of developing eCommerce cannot be fixed at a value. We can pinpoint the cost of developing eCommerce applications to the values of $30,000 to $700,000 with a median cost of $172,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why App Development Is Important for Business?

With eCommerce apps, businesses can directly interact with their customers, building a seamless and persistent connection. It is very important for cultivating customer loyalty.

What are the features to look out for in a successful eCommerce app?

To make a successful eCommerce application, follow the tips given below;

  • Simple and clear design
  • Quick login and checkout
  • Consistency and simple navigation
  • Prominent card button
  • Quick load
  • Wish list feature.

What Platforms Can Help Me Develop Ecommerce Apps Without Coding?

Some of these platforms are;

  • GoodBarber.
  • IBuildApp.
  • Appypie.
  • BuildFire.
  • AppMachine.
  • Plobalapps.
  • Swiftic.
  • Mobincube

How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce app?

According to the clutch survey, the average cost of developing an eCommerce application is $171,450.

How long does it take to build an eCommerce app?

TO develop an eCommerce platform, the time required depends on the goals and products requirement. Creating the first version of your eCommerce application may take 3 to 4 months.

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