How to Add Friends on Steam

This article would be giving you details on how to add friends on steam making use of the steam website, the desktop app, and the mobile app via sending a friend request that your friend sees the next time they decide to log in to steam.

How to Add Friends on Steam

Also, you can add friends by sending an invite link to a friend via email. Text message, or even the chat app that you use to keep in touch.

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Add Friends on Steam Using the Desktop App or Website

The steam desktop app remains virtually identical to the steam website, so you would be able to add friends using the one that you prefer. The “Store” tab available on the app corresponds to, Corresponding to, which is steam’s online community portal.

Here I would be giving you what you need how to add friends on steam using the desktop app or the steam community website:

  • First, launch the steam desktop app or head to ‘”.
  • Next, place your mouse cursor over your username in the menu bar
  • Choose “friends” in the drop-down menu that pops up
  • Select “Add a Friend”
  • Select “Go Search”
  • Then enter your friend’s name right in the search field
  • After that, locate your friend in the search results, then select “Add as Friend”
  • Select “ok”
  • Steam users can also change their profile names whenever they choose. If you do not see your friend in the search results, make sure that they have not changed their name recently.

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How to Add Friends on Steam Using the Mobile App

The steam app available on Android and iOS is offering most of the same functionality as the desktop app. Some things are a little bit different, but you can still accomplish most of the same tasks, which include adding friends. Follow the steps below to add friends using the steam mobile app:

  • First, launch the “Steam app”
  • Then Tap “Friends”
  • After that select “Your friends” drop-down arrow
  • Tap “Add a friend”
  • Then scroll down to the “Search for Friends” section
  • Tap “Go Search”
  • Enter your Friend’s name
  • After that, locate your friend in the search results
  • Tap on “Add as Friend”
  • And then Tap “ok”

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What to Do when you Can’t Find Friends on Steam

Finding and adding Friends on steam usually does not always work as expected. Steam has a few quirks about how it treats usernames that can make it tough to locate friends. If the database goes down it would become impossible for you to locate who you are looking for. When that happens, you would have to wait for Valve to get the problem fixed.

When you choose to sign up for steam, you would be creating a username that you use to log in to the service. This primary username is not the same as the username that people see in games or when you post in steam community groups. Also, you can change your profile name anytime you lie, which usually creates confusion when someone is trying to add you as a friend.

If you want to make it easier for people to locate your steam account, find your universal resource locator (URL) name that is the same. Your Steam account has Four Names associated with it:

  • Steam Account Name: the username that you make use of to log in to your steam account. You cannot change it
  • Steam Profile Name: The name that pops up on your friend list, in games, and in the steam community. You can choose to change this name.
  • Real Name: making use of your real name would help your friend locate you easily in search. Also, you can put anything you want, though, and you can change it any time you wish to.
  • Custom URL Name: A name that you set on your profile. If you choose to set it to the same thing as your profile, people can navigate to to find you.

When you choose to search for someone on steam, you also can use their steam profile name or their real name, but you would not find them if they changed either to something else.

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How Do you Share Games on Steam?

In other to share a game, launch steam on your computer and then head to Steam > settings > family. Check authorize library sharing on this computer and then select the accounts that you want to share your games with.

Why Can’t I Add friends on Steam?

If you fail to fulfill one of these two requisites, the “add a friend” feature would not be available on your account. Let’s say if you only played free games, you won’t be able to add a friend. Also, if the friend you are trying to find has been limited, you would not be able to find them.

Can I Add a friend without Buying a Game?

If you are yet to spend at least $5 on Steam, your account is “limited.” Limited users cannot add friends on their own.

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