Turtle’s New High-End Headset Is Crafted to Do It All

Turtle’s new high-end headset, Beach Stealth Pro Gaming headset is crafted to do it all as it gets set to join the big league.

Turtle’s New High-End Headset Is Crafted to Do It All

Turtle’s New High-End Headset Is Crafted to Do It All

Gaming headsets are not just for gaming just in case you don’t know as they can also be your everyday walkaround headsets, although it will get to cost you more if you want something that’s up for both. Turtle Beach’s new Stealth Pro joins costly models such as the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro WirelessRazer Barracuda Pro, and many others that merge the top-of-the-line gaming features with internal active-noise-canceling mics for simple Bluetooth connections in a bid to make them a little less conspicuous when you’re out and about.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Gaming Headset Compatibility

The headset as you should know is slated to ship at the end of April this year for $330 (£280), although preorders begin now. There are crafted and Designed for Xbox and PS4/PS5 models, but they will however work with pretty much any platform, and this is including the Nintendo Switch, PC, and iOS. Only the platforms with apps let you to customize settings such as equalization and noise cancellation, and in other words, not consoles. And it is not exactly clear as of this moment the types of connectivity you can expect with each.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Gaming Headset Specs and Features

And instead of a dongle, the Stealth Pro is inclusive of a 2.4GHz puck that also doubles as a charging station for the two swappable batteries (rated at 12-plus hours each). Turtle Beach as you should already know rates the range up to 50 feet (15 meters).

The Stealth Pro has many of the same features as its competitors, such as 50mm drivers, mic arrays for optimizing noise cancellation and transparency mode which allows for external sounds to bleed through, detachable boom mic, leatherette and memory foam ear cushions, simultaneous 2.4GHz, and Bluetooth connections, and many more.



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