Save $290 with This AKG Y600NC Headphone Deal for a Limited Time

Save $290 with this AKG Y600NC headphone deal for a limited time. With this deal, it means that the headphones are available for just $60 right now, which is a big discount when compared to the regular and usual $350 price tag.

Save $290 with This AKG Y600NC Headphone Deal for a Limited Time

Save $290 with This AKG Y600NC Headphone Deal for a Limited Time

When it comes to comfort and sound quality, over-ear headphones as you should know always lead the pack. And while many high-end models can be very costly, right now we have a pretty amazing deal that gets you a great pair for nearly $300 off.

Harman Audio, as well as Walmart and eBay retailers, at the moment have these advanced AKG Y600NC headphones on sale for just $60, which gets to save you 83% in contrast with the original price. And without a set expiration date, we cannot guarantee just how long this deal will get to last. But if you really don’t want to miss out on these incredible savings, it is advisable that you get your order in soon.

Why You Should Get A AKG Y600NC Headphone

These AKG headphones are stacked full of high-end features, and in the process making them just about the best pair that you will get to find in the under-$100 price range right now. These headphones boast noise-canceling capabilities and features, plus an additional aware mode for when you need to be able to be sharp and hear your surroundings. And with an ergonomic design and memory-foam ear cushions, they are crafted for premium comfort.

AKG Y600NC Headphone Specs and Features

They also promise some really impressive audio quality, especially for Samsung users since AKG and Harman are Samsung brands, all thanks to the UHQ codec support feature. Plus, you can as well fine-tune your audio by making use of the AKG companion app. Other notable features of these headsets include an auto play/pause function that halts your music when you take off the headphones, multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, and a really impressive 25-hour battery life span on a single charge.



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