Snag a Set of Apple’s Super Popular Earbuds for Just $90

Snag a set of Apple’s super popular earbuds for just $90. The AirPods 2 is now down to its best price of 2023 with up to $40 off its original price. You should however hurry to get in on this deal while the offer lasts.

Snag a Set of Apple’s Super Popular Earbuds for Just $90

Snag a Set of Apple’s Super Popular Earbuds for Just $90

Apple’s AirPods are some of the best wireless earbuds right now on the market, and they are certainly among the most popular. The only real downside to these famous earbuds is the price of entry, with even the basic AirPods 2 costing $129, which is on the high side considering.

Verizon is however helping shoppers grab a set for much less than that today, though, with close to $40 off the original price but for a limited time only. This price is the lowest that we have seen as far as AirPods go in 2023 and it is only around $10 more than the all-time low price we got to see during Cyber Monday sales in the previous year. There is no set end date for this AirPods deal, but we however expect it won’t stay for too long.

Apple AirPods 2 Specs and Features

And while the AirPods 2 are no longer the most advanced model available on the market these days, they still boast some really impressive features and still remain the best AirPods for those on a smaller budget.

They utilize the very same H1 chip just as the AirPods 3, thus meaning that you get the same hands-free support for Siri and seamless connectivity with all of Apple’s devices. Additionally, they have a really impressive battery life span of up to 24 hours on a single charge and of course with the included charging case.

Other Notable Apple AirPods 2 Features

They however do not have the same spatial audio and wireless charging capabilities and features of the third-gen AirPods, or the active noise cancellation feature that is found on the pricier AirPods Pro, but for casual listeners searching for an affordable and easy-to-use pair of earbuds for strolling around town, these are a solid and excellent option at a really great price.



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