Amazon’s Apple AirPods Pro Are Back to $189 Again – Apple AirPods Pro Deal

Once again, Amazon’s Apple AirPods Pro is back to $189. Amazon’s Latest Apple AirPods Pro deals have gotten to some excellent premium wireless earbuds tumble back down to a sales price of just 189.99 (was $249) this week.

Amazon’s Apple AirPods Pro Are Back to $189 Again

Amazon’s Apple AirPods Pro Are Back to $189 Again

The latest price sales have been around for some days now, and while not the lowest price, that we have seen for the AirPods pro deals (that’s $169). These two earbuds happen to have been only cheaper on two very brief occasions. One of all those occasions actually was over Black Friday last year. So this is definitely a really good chance for you to bag these buds for less.

Apple AirPods Pro Deals at Amazon

Ever since the wireless earbuds were launched back in 2019, Apple AirPods Pro deals would have been a really great crowd favorite over at Amazon. With this excellent iOS pairing, best-in-class noise cancellation technology, and a handy wireless charger (it would actually boost your battery to 24 hours), it is really easy for you to see why Apple AirPods Pro are still available out there with some of the best wireless earbuds that you get to purchase today.

Never out of place at work, in the gym, or even in the classroom (yes, it’s now time for you to go back to school). This happens to be a great chance to score a pair of AirPods Pro for cheap. Outside the US? See the best prices that are on AirPods is your region just below.

Apple AirPods Pro: $249 $189.99 at Amazon – Save $59

With this excellent active noise cancellation, seamless iOS pairing, customizable ear tips, and a really handy wireless charging case, the AirPods Pro comes at a really cost price. Pick them up today at Amazon for one of the lowest prices available at the moment. A price that happens to only be cheaper on two occasions that are very brief.


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