JLab’s new Go Air Tones True Wireless Stealth Earbuds

JLab’s new Go Air Tones True Wireless Stealth Earbuds. Recently, JLab brought to the picture a pair of true wireless earbuds given the name Go Air Tones that have two very unique interesting features. They happen to be inexpensive and they are designed to blend with the color of your skin.

JLab’s new Go Air Tones True Wireless Stealth Earbuds

The bud’s design is more different when compared to typical earbuds that we see, ones that often sport flashy and/or shiny elements that would actually make them a lot better and readily apparent to others that are close by.

JLab’s new Go Air Tones True Wireless Stealth Earbuds

Although not all the pairs of true wireless earbuds come with LEDs that are blinking and have a shiny chrome trim, the “minimalist” ones still tend to bring in some bright primary colors, white, and black. These barely Blend in during those times when you do not want it to show that you are obviously wearing a headphone. JLab’s aim is to provide a solution to that with the introduction of the Go Air Tones.

This model is expected to come in seven different skin tones that shades ranging from 155 N to 4975 C. although the earbuds might not blend in quite perfectly with your skin tone, the colors would introduce stealthy elements that might actually serve you well when you want to sneak up on a podcast session at a time when activities are not going well.

True Wireless Stealth Earbuds Specs

The unique design aside, the Go Air Tones seems to be on average across the board, and you can get up to 32 hours of runtime from the earpieces and the charging case, according to JLab; the earpieces come with an in-built touch sensor, and there’s support for connecting only one pair of the earbuds to your smartphone.

Also, the model sports which is a IPX4 rating, which means that they are resistant to sweat and water exposure from rain. The Go Air Tones is 15-percent smaller when compared to the previous model, which should aid with cutting down how obvious they are when in use. Other interesting features include a microphone in each of the earbuds for making calls and for answering calls, plus multiple audio modes: JLab’s Balanced, Bass Boost options, and Signature.

Of note, users get to toggle between these three different sound modes making use of the touch sensors, meaning that you do not have to pull out your phone if the song requires a little bit of bass response. These touch controls are used when you want to change tracks, adjust the volume, answer calls, pause and play audio, and triggering your favorite voice assistant.

JLab’s new Go Air Tones True Wireless Stealth Earbuds Price

The charging case is compact and it includes an in-built USB charging cable, another unique element that is not commonly found on most products that are competing with it. Buyers also receive a couple of different ear tips sizes and the company’s two-year warranty.

Though it is doubtful this model will come anywhere close to fighting with a more expensive offering from competitors, at $20, they are one major backup options for those times that you just want to listen to music in class. Preorders would be made available now with shipping set for January.


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