Telegram Brings its Biggest Update of the Year

Telegram Brings its Biggest Update of the Year. Telegram users still have one last update to look forward to this year. The new patch is expected to bring in several extra features to the Privacy-centric messaging app, and it includes the option to include spoiler effects in your messages.

Telegram Brings its Biggest Update of the Year

With a lot of people getting ready to usher in the new year, it seems like Telegram wants to begin the new year with a lot of its users’ extra functionality.

Telegram Brings Biggest Update of the Year

The first feature that telegram users would be accessing is the option to add reactions to messages in a very similar way to that of Apple’s iMessage. After you install this update, you would be able to double-tap a message and send a thumbs up.

Or if you want to send a different type of reaction, you get to tap or hold down on the message in other to bring up more options which includes some animated emoji reactions.

The Update also happens to be adding a feature that is much-wanted called the hidden text, also known as Spoiler Formatting. This would be very helpful for group chats and for discussing movies and other spoiler-filled content, as you get to hide the text, making it visible only when it is tapped by the user.

All telegram users get to select spoiler formatting by typing in their message and then highlighting it and changing the formatting to the spoiler option. While it still requires the user to choose the formatting, having spoiler text can aid the users with sharing opinions and facts without having to worry about spoiling something for everybody.

Telegram Adds Message Translations and QR Codes

While the reactions and the spoiler text receive a major addition, The latest update on telegram has a lot for its users. The newest patch for the instant messaging app also brings a message translation system, offering you a dedicated translation button in the message’s context menu.

You get to choose any message and choose the translate option to easily see what it states in a different language, and telegram also will let you exclude languages that you are already speaking fluently since you don’t need to translate those.

Another major part of this update is the addition of the themed QR codes. Nowadays, codes are becoming one major way to share details much faster on apps. Snapchat is quite known for that as well, and it looks like Telegram’s feature will work similarly.

Users get to generate a themed QR code straight from their profile, also with the QR codes for different groups, bots or channels. Sharing usernames, group chats, and channels in the future should be made much easier.


This update is also expected to come with an updated context menu to the macOS version of Telegram. This Context menu is expected to include more options, some additional shortcut hints, and some new animated icons to make use of in your conversations.

If you happen to have downloaded the macOS update, that you can check out the changes for yourself. Finally, this last update is also expected to bring more interactive emoji-like sobbing, fire emotes, and crying.


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