Trailer of God of War Ragnarok Teases Fenrir as Your Wolf Companion

The trailer of God of War Ragnarok teases Fenrir as your wolf companion – new trailer, new boy.

Trailer of God of War Ragnarok Teases Fenrir as Your Wolf Companion

Trailer of God of War Ragnarok Teases Fenrir as Your Wolf Companion

If you are one of the many fans that have been thirsty for some news in regards to God of War Ragnarok, then the recent State of Play presentation likely may have quenched your thirst.

Since the teaser of the sequel at the end of 2018’s god of war, we have been eager and anxious to play the god of war Ragnarok title. This game is easily one of the most anticipated games for the PS5. And with just a few months to go till its November 9 release date, Sony has now dropped a new story trailer.

The Action-Packed Trailer Revealed a Growing Tension between Kratos and Atreus

And while the action-packed trailer showed off a growing tension between Kratos and his own son Atreus, a better glimpse of Fenrir was also revealed which seems to be a companion of the godly pair. A trailer that was released back in July suggested that they would both be fighting off with the mega wolf, but this new trailer, however, teases a different relationship.

When the CG trailer was first released, editor Jules thought that developer Sony Santa Monica might just have been fooling with the Norse myths which Ragnarok emanates from. And in those stories, Fenrir is the child of Loki and should be a friend of Atreus. But the video, however, suggested that the wolf would be an enemy. This very new trailer is so much in line with the legends.

Limited Version DualSense Wireless Controller Unveiled

Another thing to be revealed alongside the new god of war Ragnarok trailer was a limited version DualSense wireless controller. The controller which was emblazoned with the visage of two wolves features a lovely blue tint on either of the sides.

The god of war Ragnarok limited edition DualSense alongside the game is set to launch on November 9. It is however quite a pity that the DualSense Edge will not be launching any time soon but maybe next year.


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